Human Anatomy - 9th Edition - by Marieb,  Elaine Nicpon, Brady,  Patricia, Mallatt,  Jon - ISBN 9780135168059
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Human Anatomy
9th Edition
Marieb, Elaine Nicpon, Brady, Patricia, Mallatt, Jon
Publisher: Pearson Education, Inc.,
ISBN: 9780135168059

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The muscle tissues contribute a major amount in the mass of the body. Muscle tissues are of three...In the parallel arrangement of fascicles, the long axes are parallel to the long axis of the muscle....The nervous system of the body is associated with receiving and transmitting the signals from...During the 4th week of development, the brain seems like a rostral part of the neural tube. The...The inputs which are sensory in nature and the motor outputs are subdivided into somatic or...The nervous system is divided into two categories, including the central nervous system (CNS) and...  Receptor cells for special senses are located in the head region. They are either present in the...Hormones are released into the extracellular spaces by the endocrine glands and enter the nearby...About 8% mass of the human body is composed of blood. The volume of blood in an adult man is about...The right side of the heart is on the receiving end of the deoxygenated blood arriving from the vena...The smallest blood vessels in the human body are capillaries with a diameter of 8 – 10...Lymphatic capillaries are thin-walled permeable vessels connected to the areolar connective tissue...The respiratory mucosa has pseudostratified columnar epithelial cells, also called goblet cells...The process through which the movement of food along the alimentary canal occurs is known as...The internal organs of the human body that are under involuntary control are termed as visceral...Interstitial cells, also called the Leydig cells, are arranged in clusters between the seminiferous...

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