Introduction to Business Statistics - 7th Edition - by WEIERS - ISBN 9781111792374

Introduction to Business Statistics
7th Edition
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781111792374

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Chapter 2.5 - The Scatter DiagramChapter 2.6 - Tabulation, Contingency Tables, And The Excel PivottableChapter 3 - Statistical Description Of DataChapter 3.2 - Statistical Description: Measures Of Central TendencyChapter 3.3 - Statistical Description: Measures Of DispersionChapter 3.4 - Additional Dispersion TopicsChapter 3.5 - Descriptive Statistics From Grouped DataChapter 3.6 - Statistical Measures Of AssociationChapter 4 - Data Collection And Sampling MethodsChapter 4.2 - Research BasicsChapter 4.3 - Survey ResearchChapter 4.4 - Experimentation And Observational ResearchChapter 4.5 - Secondary DataChapter 4.6 - The Basics Of SamplingChapter 4.7 - Sampling MethodsChapter 5 - Probability: Review Of Basic ConceptsChapter 5.2 - Probability: Terms And ApproachesChapter 5.3 - Unions And Intersections Of EventsChapter 5.4 - Addition Rules For ProbabilityChapter 5.5 - Multiplication Rules For ProbabilityChapter 5.6 - Bayes’ Theorem And The Revision Of ProbabilitiesChapter 5.7 - Counting: Permutations And CombinationsChapter 6 - Discrete Probability DistributionsChapter 6.1 - IntroductionChapter 6.2 - The Binomial DistributionChapter 6.3 - The Hypergeometric DistributionChapter 6.4 - The Poisson DistributionChapter 7 - Continuous Probability DistributionsChapter 7.1 - IntroductionChapter 7.2 - The Normal DistributionChapter 7.3 - The Standard Normal DistributionChapter 7.4 - The Normal Approximation To The Binomial DistributionChapter 7.5 - The Exponential DistributionChapter 7.6 - Simulating Observations From A Continuous Probability DistributionChapter 8.3 - The Sampling Distribution Of The MeanChapter 8.4 - The Sampling Distribution Of The ProportionChapter 8.5 - Sampling Distributions When The Population Is FiniteChapter 9 - Estimation From Sample DataChapter 9.6 - Confidence Interval Estimates For The Population ProportionChapter 10 - Hypothesis Tests Involving A Sample Mean Or ProportionChapter 10.1 - IntroductionChapter 10.3 - Testing A Mean, Population Standard Deviation KnownChapter 10.5 - Testing A Mean, Population Standard Deviation UnknownChapter 11.2 - The Pooled-variances T-test For Comparing The Means Of Two Independent SamplesChapter 11.3 - The Unequal-variances T-test For Comparing The Means Of Two Independent SamplesChapter 11.4 - The Z-test For Comparing The Means Of Two Independent SamplesChapter 11.5 - Comparing Two Means When The Samples Are DependentChapter 12.5 - Two-way Analysis Of VarianceChapter 15.5 - Estimation And Tests Regarding The Sample Regression LineChapter 16.2 - The Multiple Regression ModelChapter 18.3 - Smoothing TechniquesChapter 18.8 - Index Numbers

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If you've ever felt intimidated or a little overwhelmed by business statistics, or if you simply want to master the power of these critical business skills, this book is for you. Weiers' INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS STATISTICS, 6E speaks to you – today's student – introducing the fundamentals of business statistics in a conversational language and application setting that you can easily understand. Proven learning aids woven throughout the text, outstanding illustrations, and hundreds of examples build upon familiar, real-life experiences to help you develop a solid understanding of key statistical concepts. You'll discover how to use the statistical software most often chosen for business today. Also, you'll learn how to complete hand calculations and Excel applications – and when it's best to use each. To further your understanding of today's statistics, a powerful online learning system – CengageNOW – helps you maximize your study time and efficiently complete homework with tutorials and interactive learning tools designed to focus specifically on the areas you individually need to master for business statistics success.

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