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Masteringenvironmentalscience-Access 5th Edition

Masteringenvironmentalscience-Access - 5th Edition - by WITHGOTT - ISBN 9780321927507
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5th Edition
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780321927507

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Healthy soil refers to the combination of minerals, bacteria, protozoa, fungi, rock, air, water,...Agricultural industrialization has increased the production of fiber and foods extraordinarily by...Industrial agriculture has been providing huge amount of food to increasing population of the world....Explanation: Biodiversity is defined as the variability among living organisms which comes from all...Explanation: The forests are the ecosystems that are the home for the millions of organisms. The...Explanation: Rural areas include the inhabitation of people in villages with agriculture and urban...Explanation: The hazards that take place due to poor sanitation and shelter as well as agricultural...Freshwater ecosystem includes lakes, rivers, ponds, wetlands and streams. All these types are small...The ocean’s water form layers, with dense water at the bottom. The density of sea water is...Earth’s atmosphere is the combination of number of gases likes oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen,...There are three natural factors that regulate the climate of Earth, namely sun, atmosphere and...The fossil fuels are the highly combustible compounds, which are formed by the burying of the dead...Explanation: The most conventional sources of renewable energy are nuclear power, bioenergy and...Renewable sources of energy contribute a little to the global population. About 22% of electricity...Explanation: Waste refers to any unwanted material or substances that result from the human activity...(i) Mineral: Minerals are naturally occurring inorganic substances or solid chemical element present...Explanation: The term sustainability means a balancing act. The ability to sustain the natural...

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