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Mathematics All Around 4th Edition

Mathematics All Around - 4th Edition - by Tom Pirnot - ISBN 9780321567970
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Mathematics All Around
4th Edition
Tom Pirnot
Publisher: Addison Wesley
ISBN: 9780321567970

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Book Details

1. Problem Solving: Strategies and Principles1.1 Problem Solving1.2 Inductive and Deductive Reasoning1.3 Estimation2. Set Theory: Using Mathematics to Classify Objects2.1 The Language of Sets2.2 Comparing Sets2.3 Set Operations2.4 Survey Problems2.5 Looking Deeper: Infinite Sets3. Logic: The Study of What's True or False or Somewhere in Between3.1 Statements, Connectives, and Quantifiers3.2 Truth Tables3.3 The Conditional and Biconditional3.4 Verifying Arguments3.5 Using Euler Diagrams to Verify Syllogisms3.6 Looking Deeper: Fuzzy Logic4. Graph Theory (Networks): The Mathematics of Relationships4.1 Graphs, Puzzles, and Map Coloring4.2 The Traveling Salesperson Problem4.3 Directed Graphs4.4 Looking Deeper: Scheduling Projects Using PERT5. Numeration Systems: Does It Matter How We Name Numbers?5.1 The Evolution of Numeration Systems5.2 Place Value Systems5.3 Calculating in Other Bases5.4 Looking Deeper: Modular Systems6. Number Theory and the Real Number System: Understanding the Numbers All Around Us6.1 Number Theory6.2 The Integers6.3 The Rational Numbers6.4 The Real Number System6.5 Exponents and Scientific Notation6.6 Looking Deeper: Sequences7. Algebraic Models: How Do We Approximate Reality?7.1 Linear Equations7.2 Modeling with Linear Equations7.3 Modeling with Quadratic Equations7.4 Exponential Equations and Growth7.5 Proportions and Variation7.6 Functions7.7 Looking Deeper: Dynamical Systems8. Modeling with Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities: What's the Best Way to Do It?8.1 Systems of Linear Equations8.2 Systems of Linear Inequalities8.3 Looking Deeper: Linear Programming9. Consumer Mathematics: The Mathematics of Everyday Life9.1 Percent9.2 Interest9.3 Consumer Loans9.4 Annuities9.5 Amortization9.6 Personal Finance9.7 Looking Deeper: The Annual Percentage Rate10. Geometry: Ancient and Modern Mathematics Embrace10.1 Lines, Angles, and Circles10.2 Polygons10.3 Perimeter and Area10.4 Volume and Surface Area10.5 The Metric System and Dimensional Analys

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