Munson, Young and Okiishi's Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics, Binder Ready Version - 8th Edition - by Philip M. Gerhart, Andrew L. Gerhart, John I. Hochstein - ISBN 9781119080701

Munson, Young and Okiishi's Fundamental...
8th Edition
Philip M. Gerhart, Andrew L. Gerhart, John I. Hochstein
Publisher: WILEY
ISBN: 9781119080701

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Chapter 2.6 - ManometryChapter 2.8 - Hydrostatic Force On A Plane SurfaceChapter 2.10 - Hydrostatic Force On A Curved SurfaceChapter 2.11 - Buoyancy, Flotation, And StabilityChapter 2.12 - Pressure Variation In A Fluid With Rigid-body MotionChapter 3.2 - F = Ma Along A StreamlineChapter 3.3 - F = Ma Normal To A StreamlineChapter 3.5 - Static, Stagnation, Dynamic, And Total PressureChapter 3.6 - Examples Of Use Of The Bernoulli EquationChapter 3.7 - The Energy Line And The Hydraulic Grade LineChapter 3.8 - Restrictions On Use Of The Bernoulli EquationChapter 4.1 - The Velocity FieldChapter 4.2 - The Acceleration FieldChapter 4.4 - The Reynolds Transport TheoremChapter 5.1 - Conservation Of Mass—the Continuity EquationChapter 5.2 - Newton’s Second Law—the Linear Momentum And Moment-of-momentum EquationsChapter 5.3 - First Law Of Thermodynamics— The Energy EquationChapter 5.5 - Chapter Summary And Study GuideChapter 6.1 - Fluid Element KinematicsChapter 6.2 - Conservation Of MassChapter 6.3 - The Linear Momentum EquationChapter 6.4 - Inviscid FlowChapter 6.5 - Some Basic, Plane Potential FlowsChapter 6.6 - Superposition Of Basic, Plane Potential FlowsChapter 6.8 - Viscous FlowChapter 6.9 - Some Simple Solutions For Laminar, Viscous, Incompressible FlowsChapter 6.10 - Other Aspects Of Differential AnalysisChapter 6.11 - Chapter Summary And Study GuideChapter 7.1 - The Need For Dimensional AnalysisChapter 7.3 - Determination Of Pi TermsChapter 7.5 - Determination Of Pi Terms By InspectionChapter 7.6 - Common Dimensionless Groups In Fluid MechanicsChapter 7.7 - Correlation Of Experimental DataChapter 7.8 - Modeling And SimilitudeChapter 7.9 - Some Typical Model StudiesChapter 7.10 - Similitude Based On Governing Differential EquationsChapter 7.11 - Chapter Summary And Study GuideChapter 8.1 - General Characteristics Of Pipe FlowChapter 8.2 - Fully Developed Laminar FlowChapter 8.3 - Fully Developed Turbulent FlowChapter 8.4 - Dimensional Analysis Of Pipe FlowChapter 8.5 - Pipe Flow ExamplesChapter 8.6 - Pipe Flowrate MeasurementChapter 8.7 - Chapter Summary And Study GuideChapter 9.1 - General External Flow CharacteristicsChapter 9.2 - Boundary Layer CharacteristicsChapter 9.3 - DragChapter 9.4 - LiftChapter 9.5 - Chapter Summary And Study GuideChapter 10.2 - Surface WavesChapter 10.3 - Energy ConsiderationsChapter 10.4 - Uniform FlowChapter 10.5 - Gradually Varied FlowChapter 10.6 - Rapidly Varied FlowChapter 10.7 - Chapter Summary And Study GuideChapter 11.1 - Ideal Gas ThermodynamicsChapter 11.2 - Stagnation PropertiesChapter 11.3 - Mach Number And Speed Of SoundChapter 11.4 - Compressible Flow RegimesChapter 11.5 - Shock WavesChapter 11.6 - Isentropic FlowChapter 11.7 - One-dimensional Flow In A Variable Area DuctChapter 11.8 - Constant-area Duct Flow With FrictionChapter 11.9 - Frictionless Flow In A Constant-area Duct With Heating Or CoolingChapter 12.1 - IntroductionChapter 12.4 - The Centrifugal PumpChapter 12.5 - Dimensionless Parameters And Similarity LawsChapter 12.6 - Axial-flow And Mixed-flow PumpsChapter 12.7 - FansChapter 12.8 - TurbinesChapter 12.9 - Compressible Flow TurbomachinesChapter 12.10 - Chapter Summary And Study Guide

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Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanic, 8th Edition offers comprehensive topical coverage, with varied examples and problems, application of visual component of fluid mechanics, and strong focus on effective learning. The text enables the gradual development of confidence in problem solving. The authors have designed their presentation to enable the gradual development of reader confidence in problem solving. Each important concept is introduced in easy-to-understand terms before more complicated examples are discussed. Continuing this book's tradition of extensive real-world applications, the 8th edition includes more Fluid in the News case study boxes in each chapter, new problem types, an increased number of real-world photos, and additional videos to augment the text material and help generate student interest in the topic. Example problems have been updated and numerous new photographs, figures, and graphs have been included. In addition, there are more videos designed to aid and enhance comprehension, support visualization skill building and engage students more deeply with the material and concepts.

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