Munson, Young and Okiishi's Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics, Binder Ready Version
Munson, Young and Okiishi's Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics, Binder Ready Version
8th Edition
ISBN: 9781119080701
Author: Philip M. Gerhart, Andrew L. Gerhart, John I. Hochstein
Publisher: WILEY


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Chapter 1.2, Problem 1P
To determine

The dimension of coefficient of drag.

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Answer to Problem 1P

The drag coefficient CD is dimensionless.

Explanation of Solution

Write the expression for the wind force (F).

  F=CDρV2A2                                                (I)

Here, drag coefficient is CD, density of air is ρ, velocity of air is V, cross-sectional area of the building is A.


The equation (I) can be rearranged to get CD as follows:

  CD=2FρV2A                                                 (II)

The dimensions of the various terms in the equation (II) are given by:


Substitute the above in equation (II) to get the dimensions of CD.


Thus, the drag coefficient CD is dimensionless.

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