Nutrition & You (4th Edition) - 4th Edition - by Joan Salge Blake - ISBN 9780134167541

Nutrition & You (4th Edition)
4th Edition
Joan Salge Blake
Publisher: PEARSON
ISBN: 9780134167541

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The 4th Edition of Nutrition & You provides students with a personalized approach to understanding nutrition and teaches them to become informed consumers of nutrition information through interactive lessons, practical applications, and visual study tools. Joan Salge Blake writes in a very engaging style, addressing the student directly, using visual analogies in order to explain concepts, and captivating students with humor. Blake encourages students to think critically and relate the science of nutrition to their own dietary habits, enabling them to separate fact from fiction and to distinguish high-quality nutrient sources from those of lesser quality.
New additions to the 4th Edition include a clearly defined learning path with the inclusion of learning outcomes throughout the chapter, cutting-edge content on the latest dietary guidelines and Nutrition Facts Panel, along with food waste and sustainability, making the text relevant and interesting for today's students. Visual Chapter Summary learning objectives, a newly revised suite of Nutrition animations, mobile-accessible and improved NutriTools, new Health Connections case studies, and new author-narrated Focus Figure walkthroughs have all been added to help students learn more effectively.

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