Principles of Anatomy and Physiology - 15th Edition - by Gerard J Tortora,  Bryan Derrickson - ISBN 9781119329398
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Principles of Anatomy and Physiology
15th Edition
Gerard J Tortora, Bryan Derrickson
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc
ISBN: 9781119329398

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Explanation: The differences in these three muscles are given as follows: Cardiac muscles Smooth...Explanation: The bones are connected with each other through tendons and muscles, which work...Explanation: The sensory receptor is classified as the component of nervous system, responsible for...Explanation: Meninges are responsible for covering the spinal cord and the brain, they start from...Explanation: Cerebrum and cerebellum are the parts of forebrain and hindbrain, respectively. A...Explanation: The structural as well as the functional differences between the SNS and ANS are as...The difference between sensation and perception is as follows: S. no Sensation Perception 1. It is a...Explanation: The nose is the primary organ for olfaction. It consists of olfactory receptor cells,...Explanation Similarities: The nervous system acts through nerve impulses. Nerve impulses at synapse...Explanation: Both plasma and interstitial fluid are found outside the cells and are the major...Explanation: Auricle: It is a pouch-like structure, which is located on the anterior portion of the...Explanation: The tunica media consists of the smooth muscle cells as well as the elastic fibers. The...Explanation: Pathogens are mostly microscopic and are widespread organisms. They can be present in...Explanation: The process of providing the body with oxygen and removing carbon dioxide is known as...Explanation: The digestive system is divided into two major subdivisions: GI tract Accessory organs...Explanation: Metabolism means to the series of chemical reactions, which takes place in the body of...Explanation: The urinary system is made up of the organs such as 1. Kidneys: Urinary system consists...Explanation: There are two main compartments, in which the body fluids are present, inside the cell...Explanation: The scrotum is located outside the pelvic cavity and this location of the scrotum helps...Explanation: The pregnancy period starts with conception, when the fertilized egg is implanted in...

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