Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2017 - 8th Edition - by Diane Zak - ISBN 9781337102124
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Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic...
8th Edition
Diane Zak
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781337102124

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Problem 2MQ1:
What is a GUI?
Problem 2MQ7:
What is a keyword?

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Teach your students to master the fundamentals of effective programming as they work through Visual Basic 2017's latest features with PROGRAMMING WITH MICROSOFT VISUAL BASIC 2017, 8E by best-selling technology author Diane Zak. The wealth of hands-on applications in this book's engaging real-world setting make this an ideal choice for your introduction to programming course. New hands-on applications, timely examples, and practical exercises address today's students' varied learning styles. This edition's dynamic visual presentation, step-by-step tutorials, and strategically placed activity boxes help even students with no prior programming experience learn how to effectively plan and create interactive Visual Basic 2017 applications. Find the tools you need to prepare the next generation of developers with this comprehensive, practical book and MindTap digital resources, including an interactive eBook, author videos, and more!

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