Understanding Motor Controls - 4th Edition - by Stephen L. Herman - ISBN 9781337798686
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Understanding Motor Controls
4th Edition
Stephen L. Herman
Publisher: Delmar Cengage Learning
ISBN: 9781337798686

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Explain the difference between inching and jogging. What are the two basic classifications of timers? What is the purpose of sequence control? What type of pressure switch is generally used to sense small changes in low pressure systems? When using a rod type float switch, how is the amount float movement required to open or close the...What is the common name for an air flow switch?What is the primary use of a limit switch?Should a metal bar be heated or cooled to make it expand? What material was used to make the first Hall generator?What is the function of a proximity detector? List the three major categories of photodetectors. Refer to Figure 21–1 to answer the following questions. When switch HOA SW 122 is in the off...What is an advantage of the point-to-point method of connecting circuit components?How is across-the-line starting accomplished?What two electrical components are commonly connected in series with a motor to limit starting...Why is it desirable to disconnect the autotransformer from the circuit when the motor reaches the...Name two requirements that must be met before a motor can be used for wye-delta starting.A dual voltage 240/480-volt motor is to be used for part winding starting. Which voltage must be...What is the principle of operation of a direct current motor?What are the three major types of split phase motors?Name three methods of braking a motor.How many slip rings are on the rotor shaft of a wound rotor motor?What is a synchronous motor called when it is operated without load and used for power factor...Name two factors that determine the synchronous speed of a motor. Does varying the voltage to an AC induction motor cause a change in synchronous speed?What electronic component is generally used to change the AC voltage into DC voltage in large DC...What is the synchronous speed of a six-pole motor operated with an applied voltage of 20 Hz?A 20 HP, DC motor is connected to a 500-volt DC line. What is the full load running current of this...What industry first started using programmable logic controllers?Why are NEMA symbols such as push buttons, float switches, or limit switches not used in...Explain the difference between digital inputs and analog inputs. To answer the following questions refer to the circuit in Figure 416. The pressure switch is shown...What are the three main electrical test instruments used in troubleshooting? What are the disadvantages of low-speed, directly coupled induction motors?The atoms of a material used as a conductor generally contain ____________ valence electrons. The PN junction is more commonly known as the _________________.How is a zener diode connected in a circuit as compared to a common junction diode? What do the letters LED stand for?What are the two basic types of transistors? What do the letters UJT stand for?What do the letters SCR stand for? Briefly explain how a diac operates.Draw the schematic symbol for a triac.How is pin 1 of an in-line, integrated circuit identified? When the voltage connected to the inverting input is more positive than the voltage connected to the...

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