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  • The Museum Of The West Michigan Area

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    Many different museums surround the West Michigan area and are the storage centers of the history of our counties, state, and country. When visiting a museum many people take in the sights and displays but never understand the work behind the scenes that when into providing the great historic exhibits. Many of museums are free admission or a slight admission fee but that small amount of profit is barely enough to keep the lights on. So one may ask how do museum economically survive if there is very

  • The Role Of Museums On Community Engagement

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    The Role of Museums in Community Engagement The information contained in museums is meant to represent changing and new ideas that are present within a given society. Whether museums contain historic artifacts, modern art, or other pieces, they are meant to represent people living in the past, present, and sometimes future. As such, they also act as educational modalities to help students and adults understand more about the world around them. An important component of museums in many instances

  • The Institute Of Museum And Library Services

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    Comprehensive Exam Question 2: The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) promotes evidence-based evaluation. For a type of library of your choice discuss the use of outcomes and impact measures to develop sound evaluation practices. Use IMLS and association tools to craft your answer. The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) within the National Foundation of the Arts and Humanities. The two programs were combined and established in September 30, 1996. The program has been in

  • The Museum Of Ancient Egyptian Art

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    The Museum of Ancient Egyptian Art collections, including artifacts and objects relating to the different periods of ancient Egyptian history, starting from the prehistoric period until the Greek roman period. The museum maintains an information system consisting of all the records pertaining to the museum’s collection. The principle components of this system are as following: 1. Board of Trustees Records: The Board of Trustees Records reflect the activities of Museum of the Ancient Egyptian Art

  • Collections in a Museum Essay

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    Introduction Collections play a crucial role in fulfilling a museum’s mission and purpose. A museum’s collection is defined by its collection policy past and present which in turn helps to shape the museum’s goals and direction. As stewards of collections, museums are expected to maintain the highest professional standards legally and ethically. The development of written policies are necessary to govern the management of collections and to establish the museum's collections related activities to support

  • The Declaration Of Universal Museums

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    In December 2002, the directors of 18 museums located throughout Europe and the United States issued the Declaration of the Importance and Value of Universal Museums. The declaration is an attempt, by the directors of major Western museums, to defend against demands for restitution of museum objects by defining themselves as “universal museums” which are of value to all of humanity. This document fails as a convincing defence against restitution claims for several reasons. First, it dismisses circumstances

  • Chrysler Museum Interview

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    opportunities that can be shared. After almost two years as a Gallery Host, my interest in the Chrysler Museum has never stopped growing. I know I am ready to take on the role of full-time Gallery Host and would greatly appreciate the opportunity. · How would the visitors benefit from you being in the galleries more? What do you bring to the team that’s unique? My commitment to the Chrysler Museum and it's progress is what makes me a strong addition to the full-time team. I have tremendous respect

  • Museum Reflection

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    fascinated by the potential museums possess to involve visitors in inquiry and even cultivate a love for learning. Accordingly, my goal has always been to bring my passion for learning to museum visitors. Due to my background in archaeology, I have always given the bulk of my attention to objects within museums, giving little thought to my own experience let alone the experiences of others. Museums Today: Missions and Function, however, has taught me to emphasize the museum audience and the experience

  • Philadelphia Museum

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    my museum paper I decided to visit the Philadelphia museum of art museum. I chose to go to the museum based on preferences from peers and word of mouth that the artwork displayed was worth the time and money to go and see. Another factor that influenced me to visit this museum of course was the iconic rocky stairs. During my visit I even decided to walk the well known staircase to the museum just to create the right mind set before I entered the building. Lastly, I chose the go to this museum because

  • The Civil War Museum Of New Orleans

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    The Civil War museum located in New Orleans is a very interesting museum to visit. On the outside the museum stands out from the surrounding building as it has an older brick style building which almost looks like a church in some aspects.. On the right side of the stairs that lead up inside is a large cannon on display. Upon entering the museum it is made apparent that the building is in good condition, but is also very old. Every step that I took while in the museum sounded as if the floor