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  • Animal Cruelty In The Circus

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    The Circus and The Animal Cruelty It Entails The circus can be dated back to as far as 1782 in Paris, France, where people came to enjoy family friendly entertainment. The circus has always included tricks and stunts by not only people, but also highly trained animals. For decades now, people have considered the treatment of animal performances in the circus cruel and unjust. Protesters argue that animals are stripped from their native lands and forced to preform shows, meanwhile being treated

  • Circus Animal Cruelty

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    Animal Acts and the Circus | The Terror and Subjugation of Entertainment Animals | During the Seven Year’s War, and English entrepreneur named Phillip Astley began an equestrian act that would become the antecedent of the modern American circus. In 1793, Bill Ricketts cultivated Astley’s idea and opened the first one ring show in Philadelphia to great acclaim and success. Soon after in 1825, Joshuah Purdy Brown developed a canvas tent to house performers and the travelling circus was founded

  • Should Circus Be A Pernicious Performance?

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    when you hear the word circus? A magical place full of swirling colors, performing animals, and creepy clowns? Or maybe you think of acrobats, elephants, and trapezes? Sure, everyone loves going to the circus. Everyone loves seeing animals dance around and jump through hoops, watching the clowns do death defying stunts, or even eating peanuts and popcorn. Hearing the crowd cheer, making memories with friends of loved ones. When we are growing up we are taken to the circus to feast our eyes on the

  • Animal Cruelty And Its Effects On Society

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    For years, animals have been a form of entertainment whether it has been in movies, shows, circuses, or for a romantic night out. Most families love this type of entertainment because it is kid friendly and believe it is cool to watch animals do all kinds of tricks. But do they ever wonder what really goes on behind closed doors? Entertainment animals have had to endure a lot of pain, depression, and torture in the process; aside from that not all of them have that “happy ending.” No one enjoys

  • The Negative Effects Of Ending Animal Cruelty

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    Ending Animal Cruelty In today’s society makeup is becoming more and more popular. Makeup brands are constantly coming out with new products made of different ingredients that they think will pull people in. Where do these ingredients come from? How do they know they’re safe for people? Makeup brands are using innocent animals to make sure that these products aren’t going to be harmful to people. But of course they don’t know if they are harmful before they test them on animals. Many high end makeup

  • Animal Abuse And Cruelty

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    Cruelty to animals can either be the unintentional and the intentional infliction by humans of suffering or harm upon any non-human animal, regardless of whether the act is against the law. So much has happened recently that the US has broken it down into four categories, simple or gross neglect; intentional abuse and torture; organized abuse, including dogfighting and cockfighting; and animal sexual abuse (Fricker). The very first group of people in U.S. history to give laws for animal cruelty was

  • Abuse of Animals in the Circus

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    Abuse of Animals in the Circus Since the beginning of the modern day circus in the early 20th century millions of Americans have enjoyed the performances by both the people and the animals that perform for our entertainment. However, the audience is blinded by shock and awe of the show from what really happens behind the curtain. Animal cruelty, poor living conditions, and lack of legal regulation scars the animals and becomes very dangerous to the overall health of the animals and those who are

  • Animals Treated Animals

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    Should animals continue to be treated as property? In the law they don’t, but I think they should. Animals are beings with emotions; therefore, they should be respected. Animals should not be used in the circus because the animals in this are being incarcerated. They are being forced to do unnatural things so they can avoid the animal abuse used in training. Trophy hunting should stay legal for the simple fact that this is how must wildlife conservations are funded. It’s easy for us to criticize

  • A Bibliography Of Animal Cruelty

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    Animal Cruelty By: Lily Rosenzweig Table of Contents: Chapter 1: Animal Cruelty Chapter 2: Anya Agarwal Chapter 3: Animal Homelessness Chapter 4: Animal abuse Chapter 5: What Can You Do? Glossary Bibliography Chapter 1: Animal Cruelty “Imagine being abused by someone you trust and who is supposed to love you, and to make the situation worse, you can’t use your voice to cry out for help. Animals are like humans except they can’t tell people to stop.” Animal cruelty and abuse

  • Laws are not strong enough against animal cruelty and people do not know about this problem because

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    Laws are not strong enough against animal cruelty and people do not know about this problem because it is not as prominent as others. Some of the reasons humans kill animals is for food, clothing, and entertainment. The way we kill animals in doing these are very brutal and inhumane. The only thing they care about is to produce a mass amount of meat, in a short period of time, and with little food to feed the animals. The last thing they are worried about is the animal itself and its feelings and needs