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  • Romanian Village History

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    In this video, I learned that Romania is the most unspoiled region in Europe. In Transylvania: Cluj Napoca there is a wave of painters and plenty of art, botanical gardens, a huge collection of plant ancient wooden villages, skills and techniques/ for working with wood are preserved and nurtured. They enable a continuation of architecture. In Maramures: Sapanta, the wild existence is tough, they were backed hot summers and Siberian winters. They have an upbeat attitude to life and sensation. Sapanta

  • Celtic Connections

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    Music in Society 1 14 November 2015 Assessment 1 Case Study Part 1 First organised in 1994 with the purpose of filling the gap in the Royal Concert Hall’s schedule after the Christmas period, Celtic Connections is a music festival that takes place every year in January in Glasgow, Scotland. The festival centres on traditional Scottish music and its connections to different cultures across the world, featuring Scottish and international artists in events such as concerts, workshops, ceilidhs,

  • strategic management process

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    NEW PERSPECTIVES ON STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT PROCESS Pop Zenovia Cristiana, Borza Anca Department of Management, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, “Babeş-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania Abstract: For developing economies the development of enterprises should be a strategic goal, this way of thinking may become viable only as a result of a combination of judicious analysis based on specific local economic aspects

  • Extracurricular Activities Essay

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    The Effects of Extracurricular Activities on Students: Rough Draft When most people think of band, football, photography, and chess club they do not believe that these programs will teach more than how to throw a ball or how to play B flat on an instrument, but that is untrue. There have been many studies done on the effectiveness extracurricular activities (ECAs) have on students, and how these activities produce miraculous outcomes and can be the foundation for the academic excellence of a student

  • The Concept of 'Postmodernism'

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    CHAPTER 1 The concept of ‘Postmodernism’- A Theoretical Approach It is a cliché by now to say that we live in a postmodern world, and it is true that the word ’postmodern’ has become one of the most used, and abused, words in the language. Still, it is striking that not many people can say with assurance what this term actually means and involves. Some theorists suggest that ‘postmodernism’ refers to a mood or an attitude of mind, others define it as a literary, cultural, or

  • Steampunk Analysis

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    they are not actually Steampunk. Even if an object follows the Steampunk aesthetic, it is possible that some of the values of Steampunk culture are questioned. Values like individualism, diverse influences, and self-expression. Joben Bistro, in Cluj- Napoca, Romania, advertises itself as a Steampunk bar and bistro. As one can easily deduce, this establishment achieves its goal of creating a unique experience through its use of aesthetic, rhetoric, design, and materials as seen from the logo to the

  • The Relationship Between Internal and External Audit

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    THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL AUDIT Professor PhD Atanasiu Pop, „Babeş-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca, e-mail: PhD Student Cristina Boţa-Avram, „Babeş-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca, e-mail: PhD Student Florin Boţa-Avram, „Babeş Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca, e-mail: ABSTRACT: Analyzing the evolution process of internal audit, from its beginnings and so far, we can easily notice that internal audit function

  • Implications for the Future - Psy460 Essay

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    Implications for the Future Environmental Psychology PSY460 February 20, 2012 Introduction Environmental issues have become a norm in today’s society but that does not have to be the case. There are so many situations and relationships that occur between psychology and the preservation of the environment that will be discussed. Environmental issues and problems can be resolved but the willingness must be present. Creating a solution for waste management is just the start of helping resolve

  • The Theme of Decadence in the Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde

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    The theme of decadence in The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde Staring from the definition found in the dictionary, the decadence is a literary movement especially of late 19th-century France and England characterized by refined aestheticism, artifice, and the quest for new sensations. [1] In decadence, important is not necessarily what is seen, but the hermeneutics: what man feels when he sees the creative result of this feeling. It is the current that requires a co-operation

  • Essay on Angela Merkel

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    Tiffany Prill Challenges of Leadership Leadership Book Analysis Modern World Leaders- Angela Merkel The person chosen for this leadership report is Angela Merkel. I read “Modern World Leaders-Angela Merkel” written by Clifford W. Mills. Being born in Berlin, with my pride in being German, as well as being a female with my own leadership ambitions, I felt Angela Merkel was a perfect fit for me. Gaining knowledge on the leadership style from one of the most powerful and influential women in