Leonel Fernández

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  • Democracy In The Dominican Republic

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    The strongest of us are the ones who have fallen and risen, the ones that have been damaged and repaired. Our democracy has not only been broken but stolen, and that’s why I strongly believe in the potential of it. I’m reassured that our political system is certainly not at it’s best, but this realization simply means there’s so much potential for it. In the Dominican Republic the framework is a representative democracy where in the elections there is an FPTP method, which simply means that the candidate

  • Dominican Culture Essay

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    Within the unique culture of the Dominican Republic, the complex heritage of Arawak, Spanish, African, and French lore, is unique to the Dominican Republic compared to other Caribbean islands. Moreover, the country maintains close ties with the United States. Currently, the people of the Dominican Republic are striving to build a democracy against the unscrupulous and authoritarian politically privileged leadership. A large element that shapes Dominican national identity is its Spanish heritage

  • Essay On La Hispaniola

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    There is only one island in the world that can lay claim to being the home of two different countries. That island is the historic, La Hispaniola, which is home to both Haiti and the Dominican Republic. There are other islands in the world who are split between different countries, but none that contain, in entirety, two distinct nations. The island of La Hispaniola resides in the Caribbean ocean and is a part of the Greater Antilles archipelago. Cuba is the only country in the large area of the

  • The Scandel at Banco Intercontinental

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    15% of the Dominican national gross (LatinNews, 2013). The bank's main owner, Ramón Báez Figueroa, was accused of operating a secret “bank within the bank” by officials for more than ten years (Economist, 2003). Dominican Republic, President Leonel Fernández, introduced a number of reforms to the country’s economy. With his approval and the approval of the nation treasury, Banco Central, Daez merged his bank with Banco de Comercio (LatinNews, 2013). The terms of this deal were that, Banco Central

  • Today's Dominican Republic

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    groups like civil organizations, advocacy groups, and many other political parties. Some of the major parties are the Social Christian Reformist Party and the Dominican Liberation Party. The latest presidential elections were held in 2008 with Leonel Fernandez came out as the winner (The Rough guide to the Dominican Republic, 2002). The makeup of today's population The United

  • Dominican Republic As A Place Of Possibilities Essay

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    Haiti is an independent black republic proud of its fashioned French, African, and Caribbean culture. So why are so many Haitians fleeing their homeland to their neighboring partner, Dominican Republic? First, let’s look at some key facts about Haiti. With those key facts we can see why Haitians in large amounts want to migrate to the Dominican Republic. Second, we can discuss the Dominican Republic being a place of possibilities. Final we will discuss how Dominicans feel about letting Haitians

  • Pros And Cons Of An Immigrants Controversy

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    An Immigrants Controversy On June 17, 2015 the Nacional Immigration Regulatory Plan reached it deadline, the week before the institution in charge of executing this process had a big crowd at their doors. Throughout the months given for this plan the immigrants, appeared to leave everything for last. The institution in charge of this plan was right next to my university, each day I passed by it and looked inside and saw only a couple of people completing their process of regularization. One day after