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  • Importance of Being Earnest: Dinner is Served Essay

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    Lane! Why are there no cucumber sandwiches? I ordered them specially. LANE [gravely]: There were no cucumbers in the market this morning, sir. I went down twice. ALGERNON: No cucumbers! LANE: No, sir, not even for ready money. (p.1028, Act I) Lady Bracknell’s character represents the “New Woman” and clearly Algernon has to overcome any obstacle to

  • Observation of Children at Play and Work

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    Observation: Yesterday, in the morning, I was sitting on the floor, pretending that I was cooking something on the pot as I stir. “Child A” saw what I was doing and walked towards me. “Child A, come and see what I am cooking”, I said. She took the saucepan with the lid that was on the stove, sat down on the floor and put the saucepan down. She held on to the lid, opened it and closed it. I handed her the spoon that I was using and I took the pot and the spatula and showed her how to stir. “This

  • Cucumber ( Cucumis Sativus ) Is Part Of The Cucurbitaceae Family

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    and supplied to consumers, these products have to meet harvesting standards to ensure good quality. Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) is part of the cucurbitaceae family, is also a short day plant and originated from India. In 2012 the world produced 65,134.08 million kilos, this was a new all time high. China produces 48,000 million kilos, this is 73% of the worlds production (Fresh Plaza, 2014). Cucumbers are generally grown indoors in a hydroponic system when grown commercially this is a lot more efficient

  • Why Does Tuna Melt Muffin?

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    minutes, or until the cheese has melted and the tortilla looks crispy. 3. Tuna Pita Serving size: 1 pita| Yield: 1 serving Ingredients 1 whole wheat pita 1 can tuna 2 tbsp Italian salad dressing Shredded lettuce 2-3 cherry tomatoes 3-4 slices cucumber

  • War, Fruits Vs. Vegetables

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    We are at war, fruits vs. vegetables. We have been fighting for centuries now, blood and gore could be smelled anywhere you go, countless bodies and corpses. The Vegetables were fighting for equal rights, they didn’t want to be their servants anymore. But on 1956, V-Day was the day the Vegetables didn’t have to listen to the Fruits. My grandfather fought on V-Day, he was a brave avocado soldier the Vegetable Army ever had. The was the day everything was going to change for the vegetables but it didn’t

  • Literature Review : Fruit Recognition System ( Fruitcognizer )

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    Title: Fruit Recognition System (FruitCognizer) Introduction Motivation: Not just only consists of the most delicious foods in the world, but Thailand is also one of the countries which have various of unique fruits with unique flavors as its representation. On the other hands, even if they are unique in flavors, different types of fruits could look really similar to each other. Moreover, according to, there are approximately over a thousand types of fruit around the world, and

  • Bh-Dey-Guh Case

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    Ohio, La Bodega sits on High Street. Sandwiched between the McDonald’s subsidiary Chipotle, the local incense shop (or place to buy rolling papers, pieces, and other smoking accessories) WildBerry and Cincinnati based ice cream store Graeter’s, the sandwich shop offers students, faculty and residents alike a delectable bite contradictory to the homogenous chains at one’s disposal on High Street. the outside From the outside, between the hours of 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., the green and purple wood paneled

  • A Penny's Short Story: A Day At The Office

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    Penny was beside herself. She had no idea what company it was or how it happened. Digging into her school paperwork she found the phone number. She called the school but Mr. Richardson had left for the day. When asked if there was a message Penny just said no that’s ok. As Penny worked on dinner more questions came to mind. Mr. Richardson was the nicest person from the school. He always had time to answer her questions. When she was frustrated he was the one that she could talk to. When

  • Dylan Muir Research Paper

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    sourness in them. You would usually use the same ingredients into pickling, vinegar, salt, dill(optional) if you are going for making it a dill pickle, and other seasoning as you would desire.Nicholas Appert was the first to discover the Pickling of a cucumber (“Pickle”). Some benefits of sweet gherkin pickles are; the calories that the pickle actually contain depends on the size of the pickle. Although they are high in sugars and sodium they have very high vitamin k which helps your blood clot normally

  • From Sandwich Shop to Subway

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    first sandwich shop when DeLuca was only seventeen years old. DeLuca’s childhood dream was to become a prominent doctor. Therefore, he needed to find a way to pay for his medical career. On the other hand, Peter Buck was a family friend who offered DeLuca the possibility to become business partners. Their first store was opened in Bridgeport, Connecticut. It was called, “Pete’s Super Submarines.” They sold over three hundred sandwiches on the opening day. The price range for each sandwich was