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  • The Importance Of Cultural Experience In The Burundian Culture

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    For the intercultural experience day, I dressed up in a traditional Burundian head-wrap for one full day. At first, when I found out that I had to place myself in another person’s culture, I was definitely nervous. Largely, due to the fact I am from another culture in this environment and everyday constant of me placing myself in a culture other than my own. And, now that I am at a place where I think I have adapted the western culture, it goes without saying that the idea of exhibiting the Burundian

  • Cultural Assimilation Should Be Viewed As A Positive Or Negative Experience?

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    By definition, cultural assimilation is “the process whereby individuals or groups of differing ethnic heritage are absorbed into the dominant culture of a society. The process of assimilating involves taking on the traits of the dominant culture to such a degree that the assimilating group becomes socially indistinguishable from other members of the society.” During this process, ethnic individualities, characteristics, and traits of the minority population can disappear. Unfortunately, this is

  • Importance Of Service Learning Experiences On The Understanding Of Cultural Competence

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    Cultural Competence Introduction Nursing is a dynamic field that is frequently evolving with the changing demographics of the world we live in today. It is important for nurses to have the ability to provide culturally competent care with every patient encounter. Providing culturally competent care is not possible unless the nurse has an understanding of the ethnic background (Flowers, 2014). The purpose of this paper is to reflect on the meaning of the term cultural broker and the phrase “think

  • cultural experience

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    Mercedes Lechlitner S102 Katy Kelly April 1, 2014 Cultural Experience Describe In preparation for this reflection, I began by thinking about what cultural event I would most like to attend, what would work for the assignment and what would also benefit me in my personal life by actually forcing me out of my comfort zone to experience things I never have before. Because Christianity is such a huge part of my life I immediately thought I would want to do something based on another religion

  • Cultural Reflection : Cultural Experience

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    Cultural Experience Reflection The cultural assignment allowed me to gain a new perspective on the differences of others. I have grown up in a household of dissimilar belief systems. My mom is a dedicated Christian while my dad is unassociated with any religious beliefs. Though, he grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness. There differing belief systems have been the cause of various conflicts within their relationship. I often wondered if people with contradicting beliefs could effectively and peacefully

  • My Cultural Experience

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    My Cultural Experience The band was playing loud with the help of a tambourine and an accordion, large families were dancing in circles around the stage under the hot sun, and when they needed a break everyone gathered around the authentic Mexican cuisine food truck, Taqueria Leos, and ordered some tamales with pineapple salsa on the side. Hispanics are the nation's largest minority group (cite). In 2011, they had the highest high school dropout rate, and only 4% graduated college with a master’s

  • My Cultural Experience

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    My childhood is one of the most meaningful things to me. My parents raised me to have a fun, experienced childhood. One cultural experience that I will never forget from my childhood is Christmas time. My favorite holiday is Christmas, so my parents have always made a big deal about it, but it has also been beneficial to them! When I was younger, every Christmas Eve we would bake cookies for Santa and then watch “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. But, before we watched the movie, my parents would

  • Iranian Cultural Experience

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    I attended an Iranian performance by Sahba Motallebi and Naghmeh Farahmand at the Cedar Multicultural Perfomance Center on Wednesday, September 20th. Sahba played the tar while Naghmeh played the tonbak and the daf. The works performed were improvisational, but guided by life events. They did not introduce their first piece, but only their names and friendly greetings. After a brief explanation, Sahba started to play a song influenced by the energy of mothers. Naghmeh then played a solo featuring

  • My Cultural Experience

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    embracing many cultural traditions and different religious beliefs has been the norm in my family. Being blessed with grandparents who share their Jewish and Italian customs, my siblings and I were the beneficiaries of many special traditions shared for generations in our families such as, my grandfather annually proclaiming the Christmas season by hanging a giant sign on the front of his house saying “Buon Natale” and playing the dreidel games on Hanukkah. The myriad of cultural experiences passed on

  • Cultural Experience at Workplace

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    Cultural Experience at Workplace By Mana Mirsaidi Table of Contents: 1. Introduction 2 2. Me and My Culture 3 3. My Workplace Culture 4 4. Cultural Issues 5 4.1. Communication 5 4.2. Negotiation 7 4.3. Decision Making 7 4.4. Other Issues 8 5. Conclusion 9 6. Refrences 10 1. Introduction In today’s business environment and specially in Multinational Organizations, we have diversity of cultures and nationalities working together despite all cultural differences. So it is necessary