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  • Metropolitan Community Theatre : The Comedy / Thriller / Musical Sweeney Todd

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    Midland Community Theatre presented the comedy/thriller/musical Sweeney Todd September 2 – 24, 2016, shown in Mabee Theatre II. This production was scripted by Hugh Wheeler and was co-produced by CONCHO and directed by Tim Jebsen. The production was filled with cruel humor and was seamlessly brought to life by the actors’ flawless performances. The plot of Sweeney Todd, follows the life of a barber after he has been kicked out of his country and sent to jail. He has escaped prison and gone back to

  • Auto Body Repair Research Paper

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    Auto Body Repair Through the years automobile construction has changed greatly and so have the ways in which cars are repaired. Although auto body repair at one time was centered on hammering out dents in sheet-metal panels, it has now become largely a paint-and-replace industry as many of the components are made of composites that are cheaper to swap then repair. The point of this paper is to inform the reader about how to make the necessary repairs to your body work. Many of the tools used for

  • Cartoons And The Powerpuff Girls

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    “Ed, Edd n Eddy” and “The Powerpuff Girls”: Different Cartoons, Similar Traits Danny Antonucci, creator of the well-renowned children’s cartoon “Ed, Edd n Eddy”, did not originally make cartoons of the sort. His career had previously consisted of more explicit, adult cartoons; the animation was the result of a dare given to him to create a new production for younger audiences (Celebrity Bio). In a similar way, Craig McCracken originally called his cartoon centered around crime-fighting girls “Whoopass

  • Analysis Of Bernie Sanders ' New York

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    Bernie Sanders New York, NY. -- After being mathematically eliminated from clinching the Democratic presidential nomination, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders refuses to formally ended his bid, returning to the campaign trail in New York City Titled as “Where We Go From Here” speech, it was widely expected that Sanders would bow out of the presidential race. Instead, the once quiet Democratic Socialist Senator who has now become a political celebrity detailed his plans of what exactly he will be

  • Interview : Victoria Sanders And Interview

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    The professional I selected to interview was Victoria Sanders. I chose to interview this professional because I admire the work she does. I am still not sure what I want to do with my MFC when I obtain it, but for now I would like to work with children victims of abuse and families. I want to help children with their trauma and help them grow in a positive manner. Children are the future generation therefore they need all the support and understanding they can get. I gain a sense of happiness

  • Analysis Of ' Under The Influence ' By Scott Russell Sanders

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    From a brief reading of “Under the Influence”, by Scott Russell Sanders, one can understand being shamed and being condemned for actions that is not their own fault, but instead brought upon themselves as a consequence of others. Son of an alcoholic, Sanders was a deprived man, who believes himself--a criminal. However, the crime, which he has set in stone is a debt that can truly never be fulfilled, because the victim is already dead. To exact life into the meaning over Sander’s adversity is to

  • Home: Love and Ford Essay

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    "Homeplace" by Scott Russell Sanders, he gives the idea that settling down and making part of this earth a part of you and working hard will lead to a feeling of "at-homeness." The two essays are different in believing where home is, yet "home" in both essays contain certain love that gives us the

  • Kfc, The United States And Ksa. Essay

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    consistently increasing sales and expanding into a larger global market. INTRODUCTION KFC is one of the most world famous chains of fast food because of the quality of food provided and menu of this restaurant. KFC was found by the Colonel Harland Sanders when he was facing life challenges. He had a bad past in his life and he faced a lot of difficulties. At the start, he did not have much to offer in the way of products for the restaurant. The headquarters of KFC headquarters are located in Kentucky

  • Don Sanders And The Issue Of Tuition Free Public College Essay

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    Break. Stand. Fight. Campaign Trail Rhetoric from Bernie Sanders and the 
Issue of Tuition-Free Public College Money seems to be a big problem here in America according to Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders. He’s urging Californians to vote for “a new direction in the Democratic party” (Sanders Ad), and by virtue of that, put an end to the apparent corruption and misappropriation of this prized token of trade. In a rousing and inspirational commercial the Senator wanted us, as citizens of the Golden

  • The Violence Against African Americans

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    Black voices around the country were being heard as they protested for their lives. It almost seemed like déjà vu for the black community. However, this time, unlike in the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s, the Black Lives Matter movement had a powerful tool in their pocket: social media. The creation of the hashtag “Black Lives Matter” galvanized the movement throughout the nation, as posts from people on both sides of the spectrum spoke out on their thoughts over the current police violence against