Mental Health Nursing Essay

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  • The Mental Health Of Psychiatric Nursing

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    name of Ryan Eads who has had experience with the mental health for the past 10 years. Eads is currently employed in Rockford IL, at Swedish American Hospital. Prior to our interview I researched online just what questions to ask and familiarize myself on basic terms to better understand what Mr. Eads would be informing me of. While researching I found that Psychiatric nursing encompasses a fully holistic care model. A Psychiatric mental health (PMH) nurse must assess and integrate a patient’s medical

  • Personal Statement For Mental Health Nursing

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    In the future, I plan to work for the NHS as a mental health nurse in order to better the health care and treatment for patients. I’ve always had a desire to help people whilst also tackling new learning opportunities and therefore I would be suited for this course as I thrive on being challenged and have the determination and commitment that it takes to succeed and start a career in mental health nursing. I am really eager to learn the ropes of the job and really feel that I have what it takes to

  • The Ethics Of Mental Health Nursing

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    the ethics of mental health nursing, I intend to demonstrate how clinical decision making mental health nursing is formulated based on the chosen moral principles of beneficence, non-maleficence and ‘respect for autonomy’ (NHS, 2015). I will also be considering the influence of consequentialist theory in mental health nursing, as I believe this to be the ethical core of the debate. Consequentialist theory dictates that moral justification for the clinical rationale process by health professionals

  • Essay about A Career in Mental Health Nursing

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    choose the usual careers: nursing, doctors, mechanics, or just working at a gas station. It all depends on where and if the student decides to go to college and what degree they are looking forward to earning. Becoming a mental health nurse would be a good choice because it pays very well. Students are recommended to go to college and get their Bachelors and Masters’ degree. It will take a lot of studies but it will be worth it. “Most of us take our mental health for

  • The Global Issue Of Mental Health And Shortage Of Nursing Staff

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    the global issue of mental health and shortage of nursing staff. Mental health is not the primary choice of nursing students when they graduate, and there is a shortage of psychiatric nurses as the older generation is coming closer to retirement. Across the states in Australia, studies have been conducted by Registered Nurses to survey and analyze nursing students and their field of preference after graduation. From the studies analyzed in this literature review, mental health has the least number

  • Qualitative Critical Appraisal, Attitudes Knowledge and Skills Needed in Mental Health Nursing

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    I have chosen to critique Rydon’s (2005) article ‘The attitudes, knowledge and skills needed in mental health nurses: The perspective of users of mental health services’ because I am interested in finding out service user’s outlook of mental health nurses. When I qualify as a mental health nurse I would need to acquire the correct attitudes, knowledge and skills as this would make the nursing process more effective, because as McCabe and Timmons (2006) suggest I will be more sensitive to the client’s

  • Reflection on mental health nursing placement using Gibbs (1988) model of reflection

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    reflective essay based on my attendance at a multidisciplinary team (MDT) meeting whilst on my two-week placement at a local mental health day hospital. The aim of this essay is to discuss the importance of the multidisciplinary team within the mental health environment and discuss factors that can influence the success or failure of multidisciplinary teams. Mental health teams generally comprise of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, nurses, occupational therapists and social workers, but other

  • Adult Nursing And Mental Health

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    Introduction In this assignment I will be discussing Adult Nursing and Mental Health Nursing and issues regarding consent. Consent is important within all fields of nursing as it is essential to conduct any medical procedures. The Nursing and Midwifery Council Code of Conduct (NMC,2008) states that all healthcare professionals must presume that all patients have the mental capacity to accept or deny medical treatments after being given all information which may be needed. However there may be some

  • Mental Health Nursing Essay

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    Nursing practice has revolutionized itself throughout the years. Today we realize the causes of current illnesses as complex and multifaceted (source). In past models, for instance the medical model, the approach was straightforward and neglected the patients active involvement in their care; the patient was viewed as the passive recipient and the doctor, an active agent that “fixed” their patients. ( source). New developed models since then, such as the biopsychosocial model, show us that care

  • Mental Health Nursing Reflective Report

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    Programme: BSc (Hons) Nursing (Mental Health) Course Title: Academic Skills Preparation NURS 1548 MO1 Cohort 9-17 PTG Leader: Avril Hocking Submission Date : Word Count: Student ID: 000982986-5 Introduction : Ruddick, F. (2013) ‘Promoting mental health and wellbeing’, Nursing Standard, 27 (24), pp.35-39 is the article that I found most beneficial and relevant that will enable me to explain and analyse research or evaluate ]my future role and professional practice as a mental health nurse in promoting