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  • Swot Analysis Of Telstra Corporation Limited

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    With key players showing large net profits within 2013 with Telstra profiting the most at $3,865 million (Telstra 2013), closely behind Optus with $3508 million (Optus 2013) and Vodafone approximately $1215 million, they are creating an oligopoly within the telecommunications industry. The cost of infrastructure and increasing profits of Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, wholesales are looking to negotiate deals to attract businesses and consumers who are going directly to the supplier for service

  • Strathfield Group Limited Trading As Strathfield Car Radio

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    Introduction Strathfield group limited trading as Strathfield Car Radio, is one of successful electronics retailer’s 96 outlets in Australia (Sharma & Sainsbury, 2009). Their mission involves to express a passion for products of mobile, office, motors, home entertainment, accessories, network provider carriers and installation. They have extensively been involved car stereo and security system market. On 27 January 2009 Strathfield Group limited suffered from a financial crisis and moved into voluntary

  • Swot Analysis Of Vodafone 's Service

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    British firm OpenSignal 2013. The services include (2G-4G): Postpaid Phone Plans Mobile broadband plans Prepaid plans International Roaming Plans Retail stores (over 170 stores) Competition: Telstra Corporation Limited Optus M2 Telecom AAPT Opticomm Big names like Telstra and Optus are always in competition with Vodafone. By launching 4G+ services Vodafone heated up the market in 2013. Few small companies compete with big 3 by putting up same plans for less buck

  • Essay On Singtel

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    mobile, data, Internet, info communications technology, satellite and pay TV. They are recorded as the largest company in Singapore Exchange by market capitalization and also likewise listed in the Australian Securities Exchange with the acquisition of Optus, the second largest communications provider in Australia in September 2001. In addition, the SingTel Group also strategically invested in leading companies in Asia and Africa, including Bharti Airtel(India, South Asia and Africa), Telkomsel(Indonesia)

  • Optus Business Website Analysis

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    The website I have chosen to analyse is the Optus Business website. It provides a broad range of communications services including mobile phones, business network services, internet and satellite services and subscription television. Optus uses its website to promote the selling of new mobile phones on plans and internet services online. This website is directed towards a very broad audience. However, the main audience are those people who use mobile phones and those who constantly check for new

  • The Demographic Environment Of Telstra

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    environment relevant to this report are location and density of the population. The telecommunications coverage in rural and regional areas in Australia has monopolistic characteristics. Telstra has a competitive advantage over Optus with 99.3% coverage of the population compared to Optus with a 98.5%, this is equivalent to an estimated 192,000 more potential customers. Although Telstra has this competitive advantage they claim that the revenue received from their rural base stations does not cover the cost

  • Vodafone : Airtel, Vodafone, Control The Total Telecom Market

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    players Three major providers Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, control the total telecom market. Telstra Telstra is Australia Biggest Telecommunications Company that offers a full range of telecom services throughout Australia. Telstra provides basic access services to homes and businesses. Local and long-distance telephone calls services, mobile and Internet services. Telstra has 3.5 million broadband subscribers and over 15 million mobile telephony subscribers. Optus Optus offer a range of communications services:

  • Opinion On Telstra Advertising Campaign

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    they are ‘Official Technology Partner of Seven’s Olympic Games Coverage’. This is contrary to the real situation since the team had a different telecommunications partner during the Rio 2016 Olympics. The Australian Olympics team was sponsored by Optus which is the Official telecommunications partner of the team as stated by the literature (Toscano, 2016). In fact the adverts on Channel Seven clearly stated that Telstra was the ‘official technology partner’ and featured an advert having the current

  • Recruit Select and Induction

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    Resource consultant for Optus I have been approached by my Managing Director to examine and analyse the company’s existing recruitment, selection and induction system including the RSI policies, procedures and find how these link in with the organisations strategic plans. Throughout this report I will analyse exactly how our RSI system compares to bets practice and give recommendations and to how we can improve on areas which need improvements and identify areas of strength. Optus is an Australian leader

  • Factors Affecting Consumer Behaviour

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    more acceptable chance within the marketplace. Optus has been committed to ensuring access to all of its products and services, and have the equitable access to employment by the prospective and existing staff members regardless of their race, national or ethnic origin, or whether English is their first language. Optus shares the base vision, core purpose and values of the SingTel Group – to be the Asia Pacific’s best communications group. The Optus vision is measured by the deliverance of a sustainable