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  • Analysis Of Oleg Cassini 's ' King Of Bridal '

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    Pamela Ramirez Briggs Fashion and Textiles 15 May 2017 King of Bridal Oleg Cassini was one of the most influential designers with one of the longest careers in American history. He was born in Paris on April 11, 1913 to the Count and Countess Cassini, his grandfather being the Peking Imperial Russian Ambassador. He grew up with his younger brother, Igor Cassini, who turned out to be very similar in many ways. As a child he spent most of his life traveling from Russia, Denmark, and Copenhagen due

  • Analysis Of The Book ' The ' Of Mice And Men '

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    obliged. Damn outlaws ambushed me.” His savior, much taller than Jake initially thought, slanted his chin upwards, his wide-brimmed hat cloaking his eyes. Jake moved in closer. “Most people wouldn’t pick sides. I’m lucky you did.” He extended his hand. “Are you hurt?” “No.” The wiry boy dodged his hand and scooted back, bumping his hat brim on the tree trunk. The hat slipped off center and dropped to the ground. What the hell? He stared at a woman’s soft face. What was she doing out here? Out of duty

  • Fashion Styles In The 1920s

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    Different Styles in the 1920s When it comes to fashion, everyone wants to make for sure that they have the latest. From hairstyles to clothes, it is important that some people keep up. In the 1920s, keeping up with “what is new” was important and a must for a lot of people. When you think of the 20s and fashion, you think of flappers, long dresses, short hair cuts or styles and much more. Just like women in the 21st century, being pretty starts with what you have on. There are many people who started

  • All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy

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    Mexico, however, they were separated, and finally reunited in a jail cell. Blevins was soon taken away and shot. After hearing the crack of the gun, Grady “...almost reached to pull down the front of his hat brim but then he remembered that they had no hats anymore” (179). The lowering of his hat brim is a token of respect

  • Hat In Time: Movie Analysis: A Hat In Time

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    Hat Girl, an adorable tophat wearing alien girl, is just minding her business aboard her cutesy and comfortable spaceship when a member of the Mafia knocks on her window. It would seem that Hat Girl cruised a little too close to a nearby planet that is home to the Mafia and they sent someone over to extort her. Since hat Girl has more important things on her mind than dealing with the Mafia, she tries to send him on his merry way, but unfortunately he’s not to keen on taking no for an answer. This

  • 1950s Fashion Fads

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    was similar to the boys’ hat but instead is made of all white (possibly) rabbit fur and was named as Polly Crockett hat. Image in the right is the Polly Crockett hat. These caps sold at a rate of almost 5K at a day. But by the end of 1950s the fad started to fade and slowly vanished. 5. Hats Just like how women had to wear gloves, men had to wear hats every time they go out. A man rarely walked in the streets without a hat. There was not just one but different types of hats and some of them were worn

  • Fashion of the Elizabethan Era

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    era. This is shown in men’s and women’s clothes, shoes, hats, and accessories in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. (Whitmore, Deanne) In the 1500’s men’s clothing was generally black

  • Short Story

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    that his cowboy hat, long leather duster, blue jeans, western shirt, boots, and twin fully-loaded Schofield Revolvers, resting snugly in the holster, would not be out of place. His outfit was purchased at the thrift store down the street, except for the pistols, holster, and the hat; those belonged to his grandfather. They were all that was left behind when his grandpa disappeared last year. It wasn't until months later when Hunter noticed the tiny piece of paper stuck in the hat band. It was just

  • Creative Writing: Magic Shop Conundrum Essay

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    of old Chinese food. Tucker began to look around. On one wall was an assortment of hats. Some were

  • The Era Of The 1920s

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    The 1920s was a pivotal era in women’s fashion—an era that saw Prohibition, Jazz and celebration of war’s end. Gone was the hourglass figure of the 19th Century, swept away by the World War I, and replaced by the figure of a modern, independent woman. This book covers fashions from 1920 to 1924, an often overlooked period of fashion which was a time of transition between the draped and layered fashions of the post World War I era and the free and easy gowns of the jazz age flapper.  Before the Roaring