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  • Mathematics Peacefully, Working On An Assignment For My Math

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    I sit in the library peacefully, working on an assignment for my math. Trigonometry: a bit hard, but fun. I continue to sip on my leaf water out of my nice cat mug; the one with a cat and under it the word ‘ Catffeinated’ on it. Then Stephaniey, the daughter of the biggest man in the city, comes over. “Hello, Stephaniey.” “Ah hello, friend. Could I see your tea set?” She points at the box by my backpack, a clear mocking tone to the word ‘ friend’, but I pass it off as a mishearing. I have the

  • Designing A Sustainable Competitive Advantage For Companies Essay

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    As a set of business activities that add value to goods and services sold to consumers, retailing involves key strategies in order to build a sustainable, competitive advantage for companies (Peterson & Balasubramanian, 2002). These strategies involve identifying a retailer’s target market and satisfying those needs. Through observing the retail strategy used by the company T2, this essay will ascertain and analyse their retail mix in order to determine the competitive advantage T2 has and whether

  • Cuban Culture

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    in-demand product, as the royal family made tea a popular drink among the elite and consequently, a tea culture emerged and spread towards the rest of the population (Tea reading). The popularity of tea resulted in the demand of teaware and therefore the establishment of teaware companies, such as Wedgwood, which is still running today, and this illustrates that its citizens have embraced all the elegant aspects of the drink as a major part of their culture over the past three centuries. In addition

  • Essay On Matcha

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    On this Matcha Guide, we are going to give you a comprehensive explanation of what is Matcha and how the tradition started. Then we will go through all the benefits to close with the basic tea ware to use when you are serving Matcha. WHAT IS MATCHA? Matcha is a sort of Green tea used for ceremonial porpoises in Japan. It has been a traditional tea for almost a thousand years. The Matcha tradition started in Japan by the year 1191. Depending on the quality of the powder, Matcha has different grades

  • Ceramics: Pottery and Clay

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    CERAMICS TERM PAPER in Submitted by: Jenilen M. Capistrano Submitted to: Manuel Valenciano DEDICATION By this project, the author dedicates this to students so that they can know some information about the topic CERAMICS especially to those are not so familiar regarding this topic. ~the Author ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The Author extends her deepest gratitude to her friends who helped her to do this project, to the teachers for the opportunity to make this Term Paper, to her parents