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  • An Analog, Voice Grade, Basic Form Telephone Service Essay

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    POTS is an analog, voice grade, basic form telephone service that connects home and businesses to central office telephone networks around the globe. It is based off of the Bell Telephone system and runs over copper twisted pair wires that form the local loop. (What is Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), 2015). It is used more than any other phone system because it is reliable. The band path frequencies are limited to 300 to 3400 hertz. Local Land Line Phone System: • Local Loop – the local loop

  • Pots (Plain Old Telephone Service)

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    The product I choose to be obsolescing is a landline also known as POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service). The landline phone has been on the decline and has been replaced with cellphones. In the late 90’s and early 2000s the landline was used to connect to the internet. To cellphones can be used as mobile hotspots to connect wirelessly to the internet using a laptop, notebook, Generation Y is contributing factor of the cellphone is now become a house phone. Consumers, who like the variety and the convenience

  • Is The Telephone Customer Service Officer Calming?

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    Introduction According to Applerouth & Edles, (2011), commodification of feeling refers to a concept that was developed by sociologist Arlie Hochschild. She developed the notion of emotional labor. As she pointed out, emotional labor refers to the labor, which upon occurrence generates various kinds of emotions in the individuals which are applicable to their jobs which are always paid for. However, in certain cases, they may not demonstrative the personal feelings of various individuals (Applerouth

  • Salem Telephone Company And The State Public Service Commission Essay

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    Salem Data Services was established after an agreement was reached between Salem Telephone Company and the state Public Service Commission. Salem Data Service is a computer data service, which performs data processing for Salem Telephone Company. They also sell computer services to other companies and organizations. Since Salem Telephone company was a regulated utility it drove the need for Salem Data Services to be a separate entity since it was an unregulated utility. Even though Salem Data Services

  • Essay on Prestige Telephone Company – Case Study

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    Prestige Telephone Company – Case Study In April 2003, Daniel Rowe, president of Prestige Telephone Company, was preparing for a meeting with Susan Bradley, Manager of Prestige Data Services, a company subsidiary. Partial deregulation and an agreement with the state Public Service Commission had permitted Prestige Telephone to establish a computer data service subsidiary to perform data processing for the telephone company and to sell computer service to other companies and organizations. Mr.

  • Physical Newtorking: Telecommunications Essay

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    Telecommunications 1. Describe a local land line phone system based on the following Landline Telephone Components. a. Local Loop - consists of twisted pair copper cables with a maximum length of three miles. It is a physical link from the customer to the service provider’s network; the local loop terminates in a circuit switch housed in a local exchange carrier or telephone exchange. b. Central Office - a building used to house the inside plant equipment including support for up to 20 local exchanges

  • Essay on Unit 1 Assignment 1 Physical Networking

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    phone) is a device that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link while moving around a wide geographic area. It does so by connecting to a cellular network provided by a mobile phone operator, allowing access to the public telephone network. By contrast, a cordless telephone is used only within the short range of a single, private base station. In addition to telephony, modern mobile phones also support a wide variety of other services such as text messaging, MMS, email, Internet access

  • How Telecommunication from Start to Finish Has Changed Business

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    will explain the development of the telephone, cable television, and the internet. There will be a brief history behind each technology and how they all tie into each other now. It will also explain how telecommunication has changed business forever, and will continue to change at an exponential rate. The telecommunication industry has many new jobs that will be explained in this paper. Telecommunications includes voice, video, and Internet communications services. The telecommunications industry

  • Voice Over Internet Protocol Term Paper

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    the Internet is a cheap medium, enabling voice services through it will effectively cut costs that are normally encountered in making calls through normal telephone lines. This would mean that people across the world can talk to each other at a fraction of the cost that they could be spending when they use normal telephone lines. This is exactly what makes

  • Essay on Telecommunications Act of 1996

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    Telecommunications Act 1996,” The Federal Communications Commission). This Act has the potential to radically change the lives of the people in a number of different ways. For instance it has affected the telephone services both local and long distance, cable programming and other video services, broadcast services and services provided to schools. The Federal Communications Commission has actively endorsed this Act and has worked