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  • Honors College

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    believe the Honors college will enhance my academic experience at Georgia State by allowing me to develop my people skills as well as my personal professional development. The honors college programs do not only provide rigorous academic programs for strong individuals to constantly feel challenged but it also provides guidance to develop individual professionalism ,and I believe both would allow me to grow as a journalism major. In addition, I know the amazing staff that the honors college provides

  • College At Arizona State University

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    that of the Memorial Union (MU) at Arizona State University (ASU). Not everyone loves crowded, cramped, and/or cluttered places. In fact, some people want a space that is calm, inviting, and their own. For the students that attend Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University it is just that, a secluded welcoming part of ASU. Not only is Barrett a portion of ASU that seems distant from other dorms, it has its very own unique feel. You can walk into Palo Verde East or West, Manzanita, or

  • College Essay On Honors College

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    Since I began my college search, well-meaning adults have given me their advice on everything from community college to dorm decorations. One piece of advice that always varied was their counsel on honors colleges. While some would tell me how good it looks on job applications, others would warn me away from the extra work or challenging classes. The more I reflected back on this, the more I realized this is exactly the advice I have been given my whole life. Before the start of highschool, my parents’

  • College Essay On Honor College

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    especially engineers. I had the pleasure of meeting many influential Purdue engineers who have firsthand experience in the Honors College through my father’s work. These people exemplified the impact that is possible. This and their help has influenced my path in life. Broad perspective is critical. Without it, opportunities and possibilities are greatly limited. The Honors College is not simply a place to gain perspective, but also a place to provide perspective to others. Interdisciplinary academics

  • Honors College Reflection

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    feeling of fellowship with others who share common attitudes, interests, and goals. In a community, people talk, share, and collaborate. The UIC Honors College brings together students and faculty who desire to learn beyond the traditional classroom setting, and I would like to make contributions to this community. I will contribute to the Honors College through my determination. I am a dedicated person, and I fulfill my responsibilities because I always give my best effort. For instance, I have

  • Honors College Candidates

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    students are high school graduates, rather than college transfers. • How do you plan to improve the availability of concentrations? For example, we have more Science concentrations than Humanities • Upon graduating from the Honors College, all graduates will be receiving a Bachelor in Arts, with a concentration in…… but there seem to be a promotion of STEM programs and research.

  • Honors College Goals

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    I strongly believe that joining the honors college will lead me to the direction of becoming the Accountant I am destined to be. Having the ability to transform myself into a superior individual inside the classrooms has given me the confidence to challenge myself as I further my education. Advancing to the next level has always been a goal for me, and I am willing to put in the time and effort to earn my stripes. Before I started my first semester of college I made sure that my academic and career

  • The Role Of The Honors College

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    The role of the Honors College in the education of utilizing critical thinking skills should be to further the analytical, communication, and creative thinking abilities of its students. Foremost, the Honors College should expand students’ learning styles by giving assignments and providing study materials that stimulate auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning. In high school, most students will discover the one learning technique that works best for their needs, yet being able to study in multiple

  • Honors College Benefits

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    The Honors College community would provide me with various educational and beneficial opportunities. After visiting the FIU campus and learning more about the honors college various conditions called my attention. One important aspect of the school that caught my attention was that the classes are year-long rather than by semester. This would provide me with the benefit of getting to know my professors and forming relationships with them. Coming from a tightly knitted family, getting to know people

  • Essay On Honors College

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    Beating at the heart of the Southern Oregon Honors College community lies a close-knit community that focuses on deeper discussions between students and a student-interest driven content with programs like Take the Lead Projects and Pick and Choose Activities. Small communities, like the honors college, have been a major part of my life since middle school. This is one of the major reasons why I want to be a part of the honors college community. I want to immerse myself in an intellectual space where