360 Degree Feedback

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The role of 360-degree feedback in performance appraisals How does this compare with other performance appraisal methods? Executive summary 360-degree feedback is one of the most widely used employee assessments today. Its popularity has increased dramatically with the growth of the web-based assessment tools that has made implementation easier, cheaper and faster. The purpose of the 360-degree feedback is to assist each individual to understand the strengths, weaknesses and development needs to perform the job at an optimum level. The organisations should have a clear understanding as to why they are using the 360-degree feedback and should follow the right steps to successfully implement the process. I have personally undergone…show more content…
People behave differently when interacting with different groups and even the same behaviours could be perceived differently. Understanding these differences across roles can be very helpful in developing training and development needs of the employee. Promotes open communication around performance 360-degree feedback can open up communications about performance because the process involves giving and receiving feedback from all directions in the organisation–upwards, sideways and downwards. More specifically, 360-degree feedback can provide an excellent forum for employees and their managers to talk openly about performance and plan ways employees can further develop their capabilities and behavioural attributes. Easy and fast to implement Organisations use 360-degree feedback surveys because they are easy to implement and can be done quickly and cost effectively (since the emergence of web-based assessment tools). At the opposite extreme is something like formal, comprehensive assessment centres that demands much more resources, time and cost (Mack, 2009). Application of 360-degree feedback The organisations use 360-degree feedback for more than one application and uses for different purposes (Rigby 2009). Individual development This is the primary and the most common reason for using 360-degree feedback. The feedback reports summarises strengths and development needs and provides insight on how employees are perceived by different groups
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