Ac555 Week 7 You Decide Essay

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Week 7 You Decide Course Project Keller Graduate School of Management Question 1 The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) would only have influence over Smackey Dog Foods, Inc. if they are a publicly listed company or if they register to become a publicly traded company. The SEC assists investors by providing reliable information to investors so they can make informed investment decisions. If Smackey Dog Foods, Inc. becomes a public company, they would need to provide financial statements along with an opinion about the financial statements by an independent public accountant along with the registration statement and subsequent financial reports (Arens, Elder, and Beasley, 2010). Question 2 There are four things involved in…show more content…
This can lead to an understatement of inventory, understatement of sales returns, and overstatement of accounts receivable which is the proposed collateral for the new loan. Analytical procedures should be applied to the determination of commission that is being paid to Smackey salespeople. The commissions on the average are off by 11 percent showing that they may not be reasonable. The auditors also need to perform the analytical procedures for inventory to determine if the inventory is being misstated. This would be a concern due to the amount of waste and returns. The test of details of balances will need to be done on the accounts receivables to determine if they are properly stated. Question 4 Keller needs to discuss the weaknesses in Smackey’s internal controls with Sarah as the president and manager of operations. The internal control issues that need to be pointed out are the lack of separation of duties in the inventory production and records, the improper classification of accounts receivables, and improper checks on performance of the sales personnel. As soon as Keller became aware of the significant deficiencies in the internal controls of Smackey, they are required to notify in writing to the governing bodies of Smackey. A

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