An Advanced Business Degree Essay

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Three Pillars Essay

There has been a number of years between completing my bachelor’s of science in engineering and my pursuit of an MBA degree. What began as a one-year break from school turned into marriage, raising a family and all of the responsibilities that accompany life. Nevertheless, the desire never left me and the opportunity to pursue this degree has been one of the best decisions I have made. Although my background is in engineering, one of my most compelling passions have been in the area of teaching and mentoring. The pursuit of an advanced business degree usually means learning the skills necessary to enter into corporate America with the opportunity for high salaries and profit sharing; however, the skills obtained from an MBA degree can prepare graduates for career changes that may not actually include business in the common sense of the word. Though the education industry is not known for doling out high salaries, business students seem to be increasingly seeking jobs in the policy, technology, and management of education, say education professionals and business students (Wecker, 2012). Thesis Statement: As one actively in pursuit of a Masters in Business Administration, the vision of my career efforts is to promote leadership development within the context of education administration, incorporate new growth opportunities within the institution and surrounding community, as well as promote the spirit of
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