An Analysis Of An Exemplary Perfume Commercial By Tommy Hilfiger

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An exemplary perfume advertisement is a commercial by Tommy Hilfiger featuring Gigi Hadid. Tommy Hilfiger is a fashion chain featuring designer’s classic sportswear and accessories (See Appendix D). In viewing the commercial, the first thing the audience see are three sailors looking up at American fashion model, Gigi Hadid, swinging from an anchor. Gigi is wearing a blue, frogged blazer and black boots while effortlessly flipping her hair against the wind. The sailors are mesmerized by her beauty and the music also conveys a sense of awe and mystery towards her. It quickly cuts off to a clear perfume bottle with a golden cap with the words “The Girl” printed on the bottle along with a picture of a red anchor. The audience are finally …show more content…

Tommy Hilfiger endorses Gigi Hadid, a fashion model, a Victoria Secret Angel, and even comes from a well known family. Companies endorse celebrities by means of using their social status to gain a wider viewing audience. Certainly, Gigi Hadid has many fans and followers through her rise of fame in the past few years and marketers target this fame in effort to obtain more awareness. Lastly, an element needed in making a persuasive advertisement is conveying a sense of pleasure and pursuit of happiness. The viewers must want to buy the product to be just like the people in the advertisement. They want to be cool and socially accepted in the world and gain popularity like the actors in the ad, especially featuring celebrities. Gigi is surrounded by handsome men, trying to send a message that buying the perfume will attract men and as well bring them popularity as a famous celebrity is also wearing such product. Additionally, the clip of Gigi beating the man at an arm wrestling match can also mean that wearing such perfume can bring them power. The commercial effectively adheres to all three criteria of a successful perfume advertisement as it draws the targeted audience, has celebrity endorsement and conveys a sense of pleasure and pursuit of a glamorous life. In addition to the tv commercial with Gigi, another ideal perfume Youtube advertisement is the Chanel Gabrielle fragrance with Kristen Stewart as the leading protagonist (See Appendix E). Chanel is a top

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