An Application Of An Enterprise System

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This paper will discuss what an enterprises system is and how it has evolved to an integrated system to a piecemeal system. We will also discuss how an enterprise system brings integration to of business processes and the role it plays for the management team when it comes to the decision making process. After providing this information, I will then draw conclusion and determine if I feel an Enterprise System is critical to business success and why. Before one can understand the role of an enterprise system, they must first have a basic understanding of what an enterprise actually is. Well, let’s first just define the term enterprise a little bit. According to, an enterprise is simply a synonym for the word “company” or “business”. When combined with systems, “enterprise systems” become a synonym for “company systems” (Riley, J., n.d.). An enterprise system is a group of services that work across an organization to combine and correlate applications and services that are dependent upon each other for the efficiency of several departments and the company (UNC Technology Source, n.d.). Now that we understand what an enterprise system is, let’s look at how they have evolved over the years to become and staple in enterprises today. Initially, there were several systems that were created in the 1990’s by their IT departments which created scripted programs to meet specific needs of that one company. There was a significant bridge between technology and

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