An Evaluation Of An Aspect Of Organizational Imprinting

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The first section of this paper explores five studies; each study considers an aspect of organizational imprinting; a brief description of each study as well as an evaluation of the study is provided. The next section of this paper provides a literature review, based on the five studies reviewed, concerning what is known and not know about organizational imprinting. The final section of this paper provides a potential consideration for research.
Imprinting and Initial Public Offering Firms
Judge et al. (2015) conducted a study in an attempt to answer five questions concerning the effect of organizational imprinting with regard to initial public offerings (IPO). Judge et al. (2015) asserted the IPO is a milestone event in the life cycle of entrepreneurial firms. Judge et al. (2015) contended this transition provides an opportunity to explore how imprinting and strategic choice factors interact as firms move from the category of private to public.
Description of the Study
Judge et al. (2015) proposed five research propositions to explore imprinting and strategic choice perspectives concerning IPOs. The propositions considered (a) the stage of firm development in relation to its capacity for change, (b) that degree of national uncertainty avoidance with respect to the capacity of changes in the firm, (c) whether the presence of the founder as chief executive officer (CEO) affects the ability for changes, (d) whether financial slack influences the capability…
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