Assignment Unit 4 Legal And Ethical Issuesfin Essay

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Assignment Unit 4 Legal and Ethical issues Legal issues Legal issues that affect Northbrook college are: Data Protection Act 1998: This controls the personal information that the government or organisations have of you and how it will be used. This gives individuals the right to know what information is held about them. The Data Protection act as 8 principles; 1) Data may only be used for the purpose it is collected. 2) Data must not be passed on to other people without the consent of the person whom it is about. 3) People have the right of access to the information held about them. 4) Personal information may be kept for no longer than is necessary and must be kept up to date. 5) Personal information may not be…show more content…
The codes will certainly protect IT administrators who run the servers and will often be the first to detect misuse. Northbrook shows the codes of practice as they welcome everyone to college despite the students abilities, background and characteristics – including the adult’s age, sex, sexual orientation, religious persuasion, racial origin, ethnic group, and cultural and linguisiotic heritage. An organisation’s policies may have a significant effect on how it treats information. This is the equality and diversity policy of Northbrook. This is what every organisational policies should be. Information ownership This would prevent staff at one location accessing information held at another location even though the company would be happy for them to do so. The department that produced the data should own every field of data in every record. They should have the responsibility for making sure that it is entered into the computer system in a timely way, that it is correct and that it is consistent. This links in with plagiarism at Northbrook. Security of information and back ups Northbrook keep all data and information stored at broad water campus in a fireproof cabinet. They have backups frequently to make sure all information is kept safe and not lost. Health and safety polices to abide by Northbrook have a Health and safety page on Blackboard for all students and

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