Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

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Cory is a very nice and respectable young man but all year has struggled to stay on task and turn work assignments in on time. Cory’s mother has to come to the school periodically to help him clean out his locker and at home clean out his back pack to find some of Cory’s missing assignments. Cory has been having a hard time in school with his peers and some of his teachers. His friends thinks that most of the time Cory is being annoying and his teachers complain that he cannot stay on task, does not listen and talks too much. The teachers have spoken to Cory’s parents on several occasions to try to come up with solutions to the problem but so far no success with any long term changes. When at home Cory acts as though he has a million things to do moving around the house, talks to everyone nonstop but can never seem to just take a break to have quiet time and finish homework etc. It seems that Cory does not want to listen to his authority figures or just out right does not do what is ask of him but when it is brought to his attention he is apologetic and acts as though he really did not remember. According to the symptoms for the DSM 5 Cory definitely meets the criteria for ADHD. Cory has never had any other issues prior to being diagnosed now and these issues have been going on for the past 8 months now. The problems in school started when Cory was in the 6th grade…
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