Being A Person That Lead From Action, Influence Others, And By Showing Trust

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When describing what a character-based leader is the book describe them as being a person that lead from action, influence others, and by showing trust. Ask yourself when thinking about yourself as a leader do you possess any of these traits needed to be a Character-Based Leader? If you may not possess any one of these traits you may still be a character- based leader because Character-Based Leadership is not a particular style of leadership or a key set of behaviors. Rather, it is, to paraphrase Mark Oakes, making the decision that you are a leader (Group, 2012, p. 4) Throughout this paper I will be discussing what the important viewpoints are needed to be a character-based leader and why they are viewed this way, along with my personal opinion following about these viewpoints.
The viewpoint made by leading through action was made that a character-based leader shouldn’t speak of things to be done, but should lead by the example he or she set. An example of this would be if the reader is a titled leader and seeking to try and lead in a different way that the reader doesn’t have to drive other people to achieve results, but by being a character-based leader the reader can unleash greatness in each of the individuals throughout the organization by just leading. By just leading the author can begin to inspire, build confidence and hope in those the reader can lead by just doing one simple thing which is just lead. John Maxwell stated, “Leadership is influence, plain and…
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