Being Audited At Ivy Tech It 's A Joke

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I hate the negotiating aspect shouldn’t that be after they offer it. I hope that is a promising sign I would like you to get in a better environment then where you are at now. I’m surprise Judy hasn’t pulled her hair out. I laugh when you said Jason train. Ha, more like drop the auditor off and leave. I’m not sure if he knows how to do an audit anymore. Not surprised that the HR workpapers were the same. I had to make a few changes just to make them work last time. Wow I can’t believe what’s being audited at Ivy Tech it’s a joke. I actually think we get more and better audits done here with a much smaller team.

Well if that is Michelle attitude then I’m glad we didn’t get her. I’m very happy with who we have. You are correct that part of the plan is to mode her and get her for around four years(longer if possible). If all goes well she might be promoted as I am or if I take an opportunity elsewhere.

My last straw was acting as a Sr. Auditor without the pay and Mike not doing anything about the problems it was madness. I can’t believe he had the nerve to ask what you were doing. He wants the good performers to step up for the bad, crazy. My boss here actually gave me the biggest increase of everyone in the department because of my performance. He gets a pot of money and he actually basis it on performance. It’s nice to be rewarded. He even gave me the MVP (Most valuable player) award at our company annual get together. I also like the freedom. Don’t…
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