Business Proposal for Flea Market

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We have conducted a survey and it shows that many UTAR students complained about the usual hot weather they are facing every day. There are more than 2000 students studying in UTAR PJ campus and based on the survey we found out that 73% of the students are hoping that a refreshment corner just specifically serves desserts would be set up for the upcoming flea market on the 27th of April 2013.
To overcome this problem, we have come up with a solution by selling shaved ice in the fund raising flea market. Our shaved ice corner will provide various flavors such as mango, lychee and strawberry.
The core benefit that consumers receive from our shaved ice is a convenient, healthy and economic product to rehydrate. We ensure our
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2. Allocate funds from the club: After calculating the total costs that will be sponsored, we will allocate funds from our club to cover up the costs that are not sponsored and also the expenses. 3. Register for a stall: Next, we will register a stall with the authorized department. 4. Purchase required materials: We will head to our nearest supermarket to purchase materials such as ice box, plastic spoons, foam bowls, tissues and plastic bags. We will also purchase dry ice 2 hours before the flea market starts. 5. Operating test runs: Samples will be distributed to the 30 survey participants to test the market’s reaction and detect any problem before the actual running day. 6. Gather the results of test runs: We will then sort each respondents’ feedback and discuss the matters with the committees. 7. Decide on a promotion and marketing strategy: After thorough discussion, we will formulate an optimum promotion strategy to establish our presence. Also, we will come up with the most efficient marketing strategy to compete with others. 8. Actual selling day: Our mission of this event will be achieved on the actual day by selling all of our shaved ice. We will provide dine-in facilities such as tables and chairs because 90% of the survey samples prefer to sit down and enjoy our shaved ice. 9. Cleaning: After the flea market ends, we make sure every cleaning is not

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