Can food Influence Our Thinking and Ability to Sleep?

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Do you have confidence in the truth that pasta for dinner can cure the inability to obtain sufficient sleep or what you eat for breakfast and lunch can alter your performance? There may be some general truth behind these ideas due to the fact that certain nutrients activate chemical reactions in the brain. Eating certain foods can increase the levels of specific neurotransmitters that can change your mood.
There was an investigation carried out on the effects of breakfast with its omission on performance. The study involved thirty three healthy students which were split up into two groups, one group had to discard breakfast which took a further two hours to complete the spatial and recall tasks compared to the group that drank the protein rich milk shake for breakfast. The quality and accuracy did not vary between these groups, which suggests that the rich milk shake group could operate faster while performing in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort. Within this group, higher blood glucose had declared faster completion of the spatial memory task. Two more recent studies in adults introduced whether effects of breakfast were specific to memory based tasks or included tasks that would estimate the sustained attention span, reaction time and logical or pertained reasoning. In both studies, mood and performance were measured at one and two hours after breakfast. In line with earlier insights, they gained knowledge that the breakfast had improved

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