Canada 's Largest Food Processor

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History of the company
Canada Packers was founded in 1927 as a merger of several major Toronto meat packers, most prominently William Davies Company and was immediately Canada 's largest food processor (Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia). The company goods produced great quality meats and meals, and significant fresh pork, poultry and turkey goods. According to the Wikipedia, in the 1930s, Canada Packers used the brand name Maple Leaf for its pork products. Pork was the leading business for the company. Maple Leaf Mills was officially formed in 1961 from the amalgamation of the Maple Leaf Milling Company Limited, Toronto Elevators Limited and Purity Flour Mills Limited (Maple Leaf Foods). Maple Leaf Foods assist in feeding Canada. In 1991 …show more content…

The company continues to grow and become more and more successful today.
Mission Statement
“Maple Leaf Foods is a strong, values-based company where we take pride in doing what’s right for our consumers, customers, our people and the communities where we live and work.”
The demand for goods is high causing a lot of competition among many food companies. Picking up a focused edge requires an itemized examination of the socioeconomics of the encompassing region and the way of existing contenders. Maple Leaf workers flourish in a high vitality quick paced condition that encourages singular authority where they have a voice and have a dynamic impact in accomplishing the organization 's objectives. Maple Leaf has many competitors such as George Weston Limited, Premium Brands Holdings Corp, SunOpta Inc., and Village Farms International Inc. George Weston Limited is a holding company engaged in food processing and distribution business (Google Finance). Competition promotes growth in companies. SunOpta Inc. operates businesses focused on a healthy products portfolio (Google Finance). Maple Foods does not waver to embrace successful strategies from their competitors. Another competitor is Premium Brands Holdings Corp, a Canada-based company that, through its subsidiaries, owns a range of specialty food manufacturing and food distribution businesses (Google Finance). Regardless of a company being successful, new contenders

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