Childhood Anxiety Disorders : Is The Role Of Fathers Been Underestimated?

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The research article written by Juliette M. Liber, Brigit M. van Widenfelt, and Arnold W. Goedhart,, Parenting and Parental Anxiety and Depression as Predictors of Treatment Outcome for Childhood Anxiety Disorders: Has the Role of Fathers Been Underestimated? Gives a hypothesis from previous researches that had been done that childhood anxiety disorders led to adult anxiety disorders and that many children aren’t responding to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, (CBT). Based off of previous research it has been suggested that there is a link between parenting styles and anxiety in children. It has also been suggested that parental depressive symptoms have a significant predicting factor that treatment would fail later in the study. There is a weak negative correlation when looking at anxiety disorders (AD) in parents and treatment of CBT for kids with anxiety disorders. A previous study suggests that when combining-parenting styles of overprotection and low warmth gives the parents very strong influences of the developing anxiety in children. Previous researchers published a study in the journal of anxiety disorders, studied how family factors can predict the effectiveness of therapy. They concluded that individuals with a strong family support system were more likely to have less anxiety after additional therapy (Liber 748). One thing in particular the study looks at, is should parents be looked at together or as mother and father. Since parents and children look at…
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