Cisco Unified Communications Manager

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Cisco Unified Communications Manager Introduction Cisco Unified Communications Manager (formerly Cisco Unified CallManager) serves as the software-based call-processing component of the Cisco Unified Communications family of products. A wide range of Cisco Media Convergence Servers provides high-availability server platforms for Cisco Unified Communications Manager call processing, services, and applications. The Cisco Unified Communications Manager system extends enterprise telephony features and functions to packet telephony network devices such as IP phones, media processing devices, voice-over-IP (VoIP) gateways, and multimedia applications. Additional data, voice, and video services, such as unified messaging, multimedia…show more content…
Distribution of Cisco Unified Communications Manager and all Cisco Unified IP Phones, gateways, and applications across an IP network provides a distributed, virtual telephony network. This architecture improves system availability and scalability. Call admission control ensures that voice quality of service (QoS) is maintained across constricted WAN link and automatically diverts calls to alternate public switched telephone network (PSTN) routes when WAN bandwidth is not available. A web-browsable interface to the configuration database provides the capability for remote device and system configuration. This interface also provides access to HTML-based online help for users and administrators. Cisco Unified Communications Manager, designed to work like an appliance, refers to the following functions: * Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers can get preinstalled with software to ease customer and partner deployment and automatically search for updates and notify administrators when key security fixes and software upgrades are available for their system.This process comprises Electronic Software Upgrade Notification. * You can upgrade Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers while they continue to process calls, so upgrades take place with minimal downtime. * Cisco Unified Communications Manager supports the Asian and Middle Eastern markets by providing support for Unicode on higher resolution phone displays. *
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