Cja 304 Barriers to Effective Communication Essay

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Barriers to Effective Communication
Nikkeya West
CJA 304
March 1, 2012
Clark Nissen
University Of Phoenix

Abstract The importance of communication in all professions is often under-estimated. In the criminal justice field there is no excuse for misconception and one mistake could affect multiple parties. This paper will outline the barriers in effective communication, how they affect the criminal justice field and more importantly how to overcome such barriers. We will explore the process of communication, it’s components, informal and formal forms of communication and then the difference between listening and hearing.

Communication Process Communication often times involves two people; a sender and a receiver. With law
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The free flow of communication as a missing element makes it harder for effective communication as many will refuse to give a personal opinions or beliefs on certain matters. With formal communication there is a lot of change and often times change doesn’t necessarily means everyone will agree. Within a police organization laws are constantly changing and many officers may not agree with these laws but must abide by them. This is where formal communication has the advantage of uniformity so that it makes it easier to stop crime and protect citizens when all officers are on the same page despite any personal opinions or beliefs. This helps get the message across clear and concise between officers, sergeants and even citizens. Informal communication is more free flowing and arises outside of channels in the formal channels often known as the grape vine or even departmental gossip. According to the Wallace Authors of Written and interpersonal communication: Methods for law enforcement (2009), informal communication arises due to the personal needs of members of an organization and can be good for divisions. While in the criminal justice field the accuracy of information is important it is still helpful to find information about crime through informal channels. One example that
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