Comcast 's Residential Brand Xfinity-

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Comcast’s residential brand-Xfinity- has already released a video monitoring product for its market. Even though this gives Comcast Business a framework for the launch of the Smart Office product, there are still risks to take into account before the launch of this new project. Anticipated/possible risks include:
1. Potential Bottleneck due to lead time with Camera Orders
a. This is the first time Comcast Business has worked with Axis, our video camera supplier. To stay “lean” Comcast will be ordering only what is needed for pending orders. If demand is high, customers may have to endure long wait times for installation because of camera inventory at the local Comcast warehouse/Technician dispatch center.
2. Inability to measure demand in new markets
a. Comcast has only trialed this product in select Northeastern US states. Demand is currently unknown in other regions. Competition is low, but this does not necessarily present and opportunity for high demand.
3. Potentially being forced to use 3rd Party install technicians
a. For standard internet or phone installations, Comcast will sometimes utilize contractors to complete the work. This is usually when order volume is high, as we do not have enough technicians to complete all orders in a timely manner. We have received customer feedback that the contractors are not as knowledgeable as internal staff, and do not provide the same high quality work. If Comcast is forced to utilize 3rd party technicians, quality of the Smart…
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