Communication Is A Form Of Symmetrical Communication

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Communication can come in various forms. A person can write, speak, or even use American Sign Language to communicate. Within communication itself, there are various styles used and ways to receive feedback. To name a couple, two-way asymmetrical and two-way symmetrical communication are two well know forms in regards to Public Relations. Asymmetrical Communication happens when professionals seek to pursue their publics into changing their opinions about certain things. However, this attempt is usually unequal, given that professionals use research to help them persuade their publics. Symmetrical Communication on the other hand has a form of balance to it and can lead publics to change their attitudes on their own.
I think that blogging is a form of symmetrical communication. Although it may seem unusual, this is an actual form of communication. A person (both professional and non-professional) is able to publish their opinion about something and publics are able to read and/or respond by commenting. Usually blog posts get overlooked. There are probably a million posts that have been published, but no one has read. However, well known bloggers or blog sites, like Perez Hilton, TMZ, Mashable, and my personal favorite, The Shade room are all somewhat reliable sources. Many of these are digital media. These are people and/or their sites that receive a ton of feedback from their blog posts. The Shade Room in particular usually posts updates and breaking news on celebrities,

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