Company Profile Of Tesla Motors

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History of Operation
Tesla Motors was incorporated in 2003. in 2016, it began production of the Roadster in 2009, Model S unveiled. in 2010, TSLA IPO launched; Announced partnership to develop powertrain system with Toyota RAV4. in 2012, it Started building Supercharger Network across America and Unveiled designs and plans for Model X. in 2013, Tesla got Extreme Tech “Best Selling Luxury Car. IN 2014, Gigafactory announcement 200th Tesla Charging Station opened, and Musk announces anyone can use their patent in good faith. In 2015, Consumers reported “Best Overall Car” 400th Tesla charging station - 1st solar powered charging station; Model 3 announcements. In 2016, Chinese Facility Construction begins. (Gregory Whitney, 2016)

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Tesla has five pride in the basis of operational capacity, can guarantee the current and future sustainable development. Tesla in the promotion of positioning as the world 's only senior electric car brand has been creating a Tesla brand context. The reality of the market performance is also very of the force. Tesla in the first three-quarters of 2013 sales is much higher than the BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and another luxury car brand. (Charles, 2016)The partner is Tesla 's unique operating advantage. Tesla 's competitive advantage comes mainly from the integration of the system innovation, from the vehicle engineering, electric drive, automotive Internet, manufacturing, assembly, component outsourcing, until the market terminal, without using the system integration approach to form the best whole process system. In the digital technology and Internet technology applications, Tesla can be said to achieve the ultimate. It fully realized the car mobile Internet functionality. The car 's large-scale instrument panel touch screen is a symbol of the core components, a Tesla car information aggregation, and manipulation of the central control unit, with excellent customer interaction characteristic comprehensives. Tesla 's financial capability not only in the strong financing platform capabilities but also for the end-user car provides one-stop financing services.


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