Compare And Contrast Product Positioning And Brand Strategy

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MST Assignment 2
Article comparison: Product placement and brand strategy
Article 1: “How does visual merchandising in fashion retail stores affect consumers’ brand attitude and purchase intention?” by Hyun Hee Park, Jung Ok Jeon & Pauline Sullivan

Article 2: “Impact of lighting design on brand image for fashion retail stores by” Thomas Schielke

These two articles explore and test aspects of consumer behaviour and reaction to visual stimulation within a retail environment, in particular within fashion retail stores.
Article 1 is a research paper which tests for the relationship between (a) Visual merchandising cognition and brand salience, (b) Visual merchandising cognition and attitude towards visual merchandising, (c) Brand salience and brand attitude, (d) Attitude towards visual merchandising and brand attitude and (e) Brand attitude and purchase intention.
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Brand salience refers to brand recall and how quickly a brand is thought of when the consumer is presented with a visual reminder of the brand identity, as well as how quickly it is thought of over its competitors. Faster recall = higher brand salience. In this study it was found that visual merchandising cognition was a predictor for brand salience.
Purchase intention refers to the likeliness of the consumer to make an actual purchase after interacting with the store and brand. Usually higher brand salience and a positive brand attitude result in higher purchase

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