Compare Contrast Paper of a Service vs Manufacturing Business

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In the world of business there are many different necessities. There needs to companies that special in service and others that specialize in manufacturing. While every company takes a slightly different approach to offer a product or service these approaches are necessary in order for there to be a variance and options within the business world. Capital One and DeZURIK are alike all other businesses in the sense that they both take their own unique approach in running their business in contrast to companies in similar fields. Capital One and DeZURIK have successfully learned what approach allows them to be successful in each of their fields, respectively. This paper will highlight various aspects of each company. This paper will…show more content…
Their services come in the forms of ideas, assistance and information. There tends to be high customer contact with the services that Capital One provides. Customers are usually present either physically or verbally in the creation of their service.
Business and Operations Strategy A company’s business strategy is developed after its managers have considered many factors and have made some strategic decisions. These decisions include an understanding of the company’s mission, analyzing and developing an understanding of the market and identifying the company’s strengths. The mission statement for Capital One is, “Our People, Our Culture, Our Customers”. The people are Capital One’s greatest asset. They remain committed to bringing the brightest and most talented people on board and vow to their associates to provide a comfortable work environment coupled with incredible growth potential. They provide our associates with a dynamic environment combined with two key values: Excellence and Do the Right Thing. They take pride in encouraging our associates to think independently in a collaborative setting and to present creative ideas to senior management. It 's this type of innovative thinking that is a major part of their corporate growth as well as the overall success of Capital One. With quality associates and an environment dedicated to training and
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