Consumer Buying Behaviour And E Commerce

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A Critical review of Singh, S. and Sinha, P. (2013). Consumer Buying Behaviour and E-Commerce – An Indian Perspective. JOAMS, 1(2), pp.250-254.

Indian consumer is becoming more refined than ever and now prepared to disburse money on brands, quality and convenience, which is a result of rising urbanization, ascending incomes and escalating desire for a better life. Advancement, acceptance and growth of Internet made way for e-commerce as a satisfying substitute to brick and mortar outlets. This journal article seeks to understand Indian B2C online market especially from the consumers’ viewpoint. In doing so, the paper paid attention upon the success factors, which can be stated as a gap in the Indian market, fulfillment of which has …show more content…

The authors also zoomed into the fact of Indian hesitation to purchase products without touch and feel inspection without paying heed to the e-retailers already sorted solution to this problem – Cash On delivery. The major reason which is compelling the hesitated Indian customers to get out of the risk factor and go e-shopping is cash-on-delivery wherein the consumer can see the product, be sure of the purchase and then pay cash on the door “(Business today, Feb 16 2014)”

The authors stated product offerings, convenience, cost saving and richness of information as critical reasons that makes Indian consumers go shopping online derived on the basis of literature review and study of market statistics through case study. However an in-depth research was required to analyze the factors affecting the online consumer’s behavior. The efforts of e-marketers which can influence the outcome of the virtual interaction and buying process by focusing their marketing efforts on elements shaping the customer’s virtual experience, the Web experience, were not concentered upon. “Efthymios Constantinides, (2004), Influencing the online consumer 's behavior: the Web experience", Internet Research, Vol. 14 Iss 2 pp. 111 – 126”


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