Country Notebook in India

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INTRODUCTION Tuong An Co., want to expand its business into India; thus; we need a detail plan to make our penetration into India market. When we do analyze about the Indian cultural and analysis, we find the information that is general in nature, focusing on product categories. Therefore, we will perform the next to parts “Market Audit and Competitive market analysis” and “Preliminary marketing plan”. In part III, “Market Audit and Competitive market analysis”, the data generated in part III are used to determine the extent of adaptation of the company’s marketing mix necessary for successful market entry to the develop the final step, the action plan. This part concludes some evaluations of the products, the description of our…show more content…
Soybean oil has been recognized by the British government to be more beneficial for health and especially for specific diet and healthy lifestyle. The objective of this paper is to systematically analyze and evaluate the market potential of the soybean oil and the international marketing strategy which the Van Tho company launched in the India Market. Thus, the soybean oil industry’s strategic analysis is being studied, some tools as a SWOT analysis and the PEST analysis are used to establish and recommend the market entry strategy for Van Tho in the India market. In analyzing the market and welfare effects of the introduction of the soybean oil, this paper explicitly accounts for differences in consumer preferences for different products. India is 5th largest producer of soybean in the world, with the average production of 4809 thousand metric tonnes of soybeans and average consumption of 4812 thousand metric tonnes. Soybean output has more than doubled in the last ten years, although it was a recent introduction to India. This therefore, becomes a high potential market with the sustainability and profitability of farming systems. However, with big market comes the intensity of competitive rivalry, Van Tho company will hold many opportunities as well as challenges if doing business in India market, especially the price competition. In order for us to overcome these threat , we need to focus on
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