Critical Thinking Stage: The Mezirow (1991)

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The Mezirow, J. (1991). Theoretical framework as illustrated in diagram 1 above deals with the different stages of learning which is expected to be followed by students’ during their learning period whereby each stage is connected to the behaviours and mindset of students which in turn enables the achievement of educational goals and development of skills and building of self-confidence.
i. Critical Thinking Stage
At the critical thinking stage, a student is expected to be able to know what exactly he/she wants to do and basically factors that encourages such decisions, this stage stands to be a crucial stage of decision making which in turn becomes a goal aimed to be achieved but still has to go through to the necessary stages of learning. ii. Learning Process
Learning process is the pathway in which students are channeled to learn in an educational sector, from known to the
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The learning process as projected by Mezirow, J. (1991) transformational learning theory has a reflection here, as the process of further learning might be lacking or ignored at the earlier stage of the students life either due to ignorance or inadequacy of
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