Culture Is The Shared Understandings, Goals, Values And Assumptions

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Case Analysis:
According to Browaeys and price (2008), “Culture is the shared understandings, goals, values and assumptions that are acquired from preceding generations, applied by present member of society and preceded to inheriting generations. It usually produced shared code of conduct, expectations, and attitudes that subconsciously control and guide particular norms and behaviors.” When expanding business internationally there are numerous challenges that which can be new and unfamiliar for the company, an obstacle which has never been faced before are becoming crucial in the everyday work. Culture is one of these obstacles and can hugely affect the entire co-operation.
Culture can influence the business in different ways such as language problem, pricing difficulties and culture collisions, especially in the beginning so for these reasons the companies which are planning to go up to international level must be prepared to handle all these difficulties in a way that can be favorable for both the parties. Any mistake can destroy the entire operation and also might shows disrespect to foreign culture.
The main challenge for any manager is to understand the culture of other countries and to know how to use this basis for conducting business and managing staff in that new country. “Managers who readily accept that the cuisine, the literature, the music and the art of other countries run parallel to one another, must also learn to accept that the art of management differs

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