Customer Service And Its History

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My Outtake on Customer Service and its History
Angel Oksana Dougherty
Customer Service – Mrs. Martinez
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My Outtake on Customer Service and its History
What is customer service? Many people will have very different responses for this question. I myself feel that customer service is the bending over backwards and kissing of a customer’s ass to suit them and their needs. Any type of service or product now a day has a “guest expectation,” or a standard that needs to be met. The whole point of customer service is the hope to satisfy customers. By satisfying their want and needs, you create reoccurring customers known as “regulars” and produce constant revenue. As we spoke about in class, customer service was a …show more content…

In 1962, the infamous “1-800 number” was created. It became a personal number that companies used to let a customer or consumer call them for free, hence the term, “toll-free.” Customers who liked a product could be put on a list that would allow a company to call them back to ask about surveys, if they still like the product, or if there was any way that they could change the product to suit customer demands and improve product. This gave the customers the title, “subscriber.” In 1989, a man by the name of Tim Berners–Lee had the incredible idea of creating what we know now as The World Wide Web. This man’s genius creation opened up even more doorways for customer service. It wasn’t until 1991 that he was able to perfect it and introduce it to the rest of the world. The web allowed a way for communication and a way for promotion. Business could now air their ads cheaper. Do you remember back in our MySpace days? You would be scrolling down the page and depending on what your interest were, or the things that you searched for on the Internet, it would all be taken in as data and companies would then project your ads based off of your interest and try to promote their services or products to you. That’s a perfect example on how the World Wide Web has impacted customer service. With all these advances in technology, what about today? How do we apply it in basic work routine? I am a kitchen

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