Developmental Transitions in a Subject Essay

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The impact that developmental transitions have on a child during early and middle childhood can certainly serve as a difficult and uncomfortable time; however, it is truly an essential part of their overall development. Although my subject’s experiences were quite typical, he did experience two developmental transitions, one occurring during his early childhood and the other during his middle childhood. The first transition was the start of preschool at the age of 4. The beginning of preschool was a major transition because it was the first time my subject was interacting with children other than his siblings and he reacted initially with aggression; however, after time, he formed his first friendships. The second developmental transition …show more content…

385). Furthermore, my subject was displaying physical aggression because he was harming other children by means of physical injury like, pushing and hitting, in order to get what he wanted (Berk, 2012). Although my subject was not meaning to intentionally hurt other children, his aggressive acts made him not well liked by the other children; thus, he failed at that time to form friendships. Before starting preschool, my subject, who has two older brothers, had been accustomed to acting aggressively in order to get what he wanted; therefore, he was unaware of how to interact and play with other children without becoming aggressive. His aggressive acts lessened as his time at preschool lengthened. He began to ask to play with other children’s toys, instead of taking them by force, he began to share, and he was no longer seeking to be alone, as he slowly found his place playing next to the other children. My subject’s new interactions with other children could be defined as his first friendships, as he found it enjoyable to spend time playing with others and sharing toys (Berk, 2012). The forming of friendships during my subject’s transition from home to preschool was integral in his development because of the social skills of cooperation he was developing, as well as the formation of friendships for future social support

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